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Beatburns is an alternative indie band from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia . The band started out with Aron (bassist), asking Celine (former vocalist) if she could sing. With that, Beatburns’ first ever performance kicked off at a wedding and later on led to performances at local gigs and events. A few months after the EP release, Celine was put in a tough situation as she needed to further her studies in sound engineering ,leading her to leave the country within the following months. As a temporary action, Beatburns decided to look for a temporary vocalist and approached Lynd (current vocalist) who was at that time a constant follower and close friend of the band. However, due to the distance and unforeseen circumstances, Celine dropped out of the band in the first quarter of 2012 and Lynd remained as the vocalist. A change also happened within the first quarter of 2012 as Eman (keyboard) was added to the band’s line –up. In 2013, the band’s guitarist Nik left and was replaced by Robot (Dichi Michi) for a short period of time was then replaced by the current second guitar , Zik in early 2014.
To date, Beatburns had released a 5-track EP entitled Faces in 2011 followed by the release of Tanpa Hari Esok (a few months after Celine’s departure from the band) , Valiant in 2013 and Rebirth in 2014. New materials are set to be released before 2016 which includes the release of the debut album entitled Rebirth which features 12 tracks .
Beatburns’ early influences consisted of Flyleaf, Underoath, Tsunami Bomb , Paramore and Story of The Year . However, around late 2012, the references expanded to more heavy/dark pop punk with the likes of Peirce The Veil , VersaEmerge and a little bit of hardcore bands . Despite the effort to experiment with heavier sounds , they soon realized that it was not their soul. Hence, they were inspired to listen to a broader genre of bands with the likes of I Am Giant , We Are The Emergency , Circa Survive and Of Monsters and Men which later became their influence in writing the album, Rebirth.


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The Family :
Lynd (vox)
Moe & Zik (guitars)
Aron (bass)
Eman (Synth)
Gast (drums)

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