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Self taught Dj Charleston Cornelius who hails from Sarawak & based in Kuala Lumpur has been perfecting his skills since 2007. What started from remixing tracks & producing beats in his bedroom while still in high school, it gradually became a passion. While studying in college, he took a partime job in a local club(Rest House) as a karaoke DJ and decided dejaying as a carreer starts falling into place.

After moving to Kuala Lumpur, he was lucky enough to be in the console with some of the best DJ’s in the local industry such as DJ Face, DJ G Groove, DJ Tonnee, DJ Jai just to name a few, all the while being the observer, quietly learning and taking in the different feel and techniques of each DJ he met. Moving from one DJ residency to another, gigs after gigs making it happened with different type of crowd made Charleston Cornelius the versatile DJ he is today.

Carreer Highlights

2007- Resident DJ/KJ  @ Rest House Bintulu Sarawak

2008- Resident DJ  @ Casa Pub Miri Sarawak

2010- Guest DJ @ Klang Executive Club Thurday & Friday Retro Night Weekly

2010- Guest DJ @ AXN CSI Sunway Lagoon Lauch

2010- Guest DJ @ KLang Executive Club New Year Party

2011- Resident DJ @ F1 Station Klang

2011- Resident DJ @ Visa Club Klang

2011- Guest DJ @ Cozy Rave Rave Party Sunway

2012- Resident DJ @ Borneo Rainforest Ruai Supperclub Sunway

2016- Le Noir KL 2017 New Year Party

2017- Le Noir KL "We Are One" Anniversary Party

2017- Guest DJ @ DayDream Pool Party

2017- Guest DJ @ Cicchetti Di Zenzero


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