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René Ashvindra Rao (Born in Malacca, Malaysia), better known by his stage name DJ AkuAsh is no stranger in his hometown of Malacca. In fact, it would be hard pressed to find a Malaccan who has not partied to the sounds of DJ AkuAsh. However, he has not allowed his many achievements to quench the thirst and desire for further success. This up-and-comer is fast becoming a name to be reckoned with on this side of the world. 
DJ AkuAsh started dj-ing in 2002 through a largely self-taught process by observing other DJs work the ‘wheels of steel’ at Pure Bar Malacca. 
This Human Resource Management graduate of MMU Malacca has the invaluable ability to combine both his passion for music with his management, organizational and inter-personal skills. This can clearly be seen through the various positions DJ AkuAsh has held over the years at Pure Bar from being the Resident DJ working up the ranks to eventually become the club’s manager. His passion for music, specifically the genre of Hip-Hop, R&B, Motown, Soul and funk and also the art of turntablism caused him to further pursue his dream in etertainment.
Not one to rest on his laurels, the hunger for more brought DJ AkuAsh to the city of Kuala Lumpur in search of new challenges. His talents and enterprising spirit did not go unnoticed as DJ AkuAsh has collaborated and performed with some of Malaysia’s biggest names in Hip-Hop and also international DJ’s, not to mention having worked the decks in club’s all around Kuala Lumpur, holding residencies in clubs such as, Rootz, LUST, Laundry, Elixir, Cynna Bar, The Loft Upstairs, Bambo9, Space, ACE @ ZOUK club and currently DJ AkuAsh is mesmerizing crowds at Nagaba, & Kuala Lumpur’s latest clubbing sensations REDROOM, PRIME and Kyo.
DJ AkuAsh has now started KartelHitmen with DJ Biggie another renowned DJ in the Malaysian Hip-Hop scene. Kartelhitmen is a company that manages, trains and supplies DJ’s, produce music and provides consultation & Management to Clubs. KartelHitmen is an extention of Kartel Records. 
DJ AkuAsh is also the Official DJ of Malaysia’s own Altimet. 
2013 ended on a high as DJ AkuAsh was made part of the BANGKOK Invaders Family..
DJ AkuAsh released a mixtape collaboration with DJ Cza another outstanding figure in the Malaysia Hip-Hop and R&B, entitled After party volume one with its essence being neo soul and R&B in 2008, the first of its kind by Malaysian DJ’s. DJ AkuAsh has evolved from a small town DJ to one of the most recognizable figures in the Malaysian Hip-Hop and RNB party scene.


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