Mr Deadwood

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Music was the love of Casey’s life ever since he was young. Always captivated by the sound of beats, Casey took it himself to learn on his own to play the drums at a very young age. As his passion grew even further Casey decided to pursue the art and crafts of DJ-ing in order to expose and share his love for music to a bigger audience. Although being a self-taught DJ, Casey is not shy of dropping some powerful and fresh mixes which attracted a huge number of followers and fans, always requesting for his latest mixtapes and mash ups.
As the demand for Casey’s performance grew, he took it to himself to organize a pool party which exploded into a huge event with several hundreds of people turning up. And thus, the name and brand “DEADWOOD” is born. Since then, Deadwood has organized multiple parties and events with massive turn outs and even endorsement from huge brands like Redbull and also recognition from renowned DJs. Opening for famous DJs such as The Chainsmokers, TJR, Sidney Samson and many more! Always turning every event into a huge party and with an ever growing fan base, Deadwood is bound to rock the party scene in KL for many years to come.

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