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Playmochi has been DJing since 2012 with an open-format library covering a wide variety of genres. As a typical 90s kid brought up on boybands and rock, Playmochi’s music commonly features strong vocals, happy vibes, and energetic melodies. His experiences partying in the United States formed an appreciation of the outdoors, reflected in his selection of tunes best enjoyed in daylight. He is of course no stranger to the sounds of club and festival music, and truly enjoys music that shakes the room.

What sets Playmochi apart from most DJs is his attention to detail: Venue, event type, crowd demographics, time, special requests; Playmochi plays best when he understands who he is playing for and what the event objective is. He has been complimented for his professional level of service and his willingness to play according to the clients’ desires. Being a bit of a nerd and techie, Playmochi is familiar with equipment of all kinds, making him a great all-rounder to have in planning and executing events of all sizes.

Playmochi’s flexibility and pro-level service has led him to many notable gigs, including several performances at high-profile establishments in Kuala Lumpur (The Hill, The Roof), several large weddings (Shangri-La KK, Avillion PD), and dozens of private events (Amazon Web Services Launch, Old Navy Store Launch, Soundwave Beach Party)

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