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Aenon The Health Kitchen Review

Aenon The Health Kitchen Review

Review Aenon is one eatery that I have to visit at least once a week, especially when I’m feeling mentally or physically tired out from work. I’m actually quite surprised that it hasn’t received more publicity than this. I hardly see much coverage of it in many Foodie blogs.

Aenon is actually a vegan fusion restaurant with a pretty interesting menu. The reason I come here regularly is that I always feel somewhat better after eating their food. I feel less tired and ‘heavy’. I’m not a vegan, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the food here if you’re a meat eater.

The food is largely oil and fat-free. There’s also a lot of raw vegetables worked into certain dishes. My only gripe is that they’re closed on Friday nights and the whole of Saturday so I can’t get my healthy meal fixes during these times.

Interior of Aenon The Health Kitchen, Cheras | Kuala Lumpur Best Restaurant Review 2018

Otherwise, on any other day you’ll be able to drop by this very refreshing restaurant between 11am to 3pm and 4pm to 9pm. The interior is simple and clean looking. There are often videos playing promoting their health camp program. You can find out more about this program by asking at the counter.

Claypot Chicken rice : Aenon The Health Kitchen, Cheras | Kuala Lumpur Best Restaurant Review 2018

The menu is full of Western and Asian dishes. Some of my favourite dishes are their Roasted Chicken Rice and Yam Rice with Herbal Soup. The Chicken Rice here, despite being prepared with less salt and fat, is actually as good, if not better than something you can find at your neighbourhood kopitiam or food court. The rice is soft, warm, fluffy and flavorful. The chicken is made of soy meal and is a pretty good meat replacement.

The highlight for this dish is, of course, the chilli sauce that they make in-house. It’s like no chilli sauce I’ve ever tasted. It’s just the right amount of savory umami, sourness and mild spiciness. I don’t know how they do it but this seemingly low profile chili sauce keeps me coming back. In the past months Aenon has been introducing new limited-time menu items, so I tried their clay pot chicken rice too, which is equally good and warm, perfect for cold and rainy days.

Organic balck bean noodle soup: Aenon The Health Kitchen, Cheras | Kuala Lumpur Best Restaurant Review 2018

Apart from their main dishes, I’m crazy about their appetizers and sides too. If you’re here and just want some soup, I advise you to get the Broccoli soup. It’s chock full of Broccoli goodness. The whole thing is blended down to a very easy to consume texture so if you’re looking for a way to stuff Vitamins into your body the natural way, this is it.

Wholemeal Gyoza with inhouse chili sauce : Aenon The Health Kitchen, Cheras | Kuala Lumpur Best Restaurant Review 2018

For sides and if you want something light, try their roasted potato wedges and Millet dumpling. This dumpling resembles the traditional Chinese ‘Chung’ or glutinous rice dumplings filled with meat. This Millet dumpling is surprisingly sticky too and filled with things like beans and mushrooms. However, you don’t feel the usual heaviness as Millet is a lower in starch than glutinous rice.

Quinoa –Brown Rice Kimbap : Aenon The Health Kitchen, Cheras | Kuala Lumpur Best Restaurant Review 2018

Other sides to try are their Quinoa –Brown Rice Kimbap with either vegetarian tuna or spinach. Also, there are new seasonal sides from time to time. I had a chance to try the new Wholemeal  Gyoza. The dough is slightly chewier but it worked to the gyoza’s advantage.

Finally, you can order some tea to wash it all down, as well as freshly squeezed juices. Aenon Kitchen is the perfect place if you want to have a weekly detox on your meals and avoid all those unhealthy additives like salt, MSG, fats, oils and fried foods.

AENON The Health Kitchen

1, Jalan 4/93, Taman Miharja, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Phone: +60 3-9201 0972

Opening Hours: Sun-Thur:  11am to 3pm (lunch); 6pm to 9pm (dinner) / Fri:  11am to 3pm (lunch) / Sat:  Off / Public holidays: Open

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