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Agrain continues donation campaign with "Roll Up Your Sleeves with Agrain"

Agrain continues donation campaign with "Roll Up Your Sleeves with Agrain"

In such an unprecedented state of the world because of the pandemic since early 2020, Agrain has constantly been seeking ways to play a role to support our society by actively involving the Agrain community.

Having gone back to their founding purpose once again, they asked themselves if they were doing enough to make healthy food simple and accessible to ALL. 

In April 2020, they successfully raised 10,000 meal boxes as donations (worth approx. RM 200,000) from the public in their quest to support the medical front liners fighting Covid-19. For any amount of meal boxes donated, Agrain matched the same and reached out to 20 government hospitals and clinics to feed the brave doctors and nurses, who fought to save lives on their own.

As 2021 begun, they launched another charity initiative intending to bring to the forefront the other essential workers who were still toiling away - not only for their own livelihoods but also to keep some level of normalcy in our lives, since Covid-19 started 12 months previously.



Agrain successfully distributed 1,020 meal boxes via a drive-thru at Four Points KL Chinatown to recipients which include the police officers, firefighters, food delivery riders and the homeless.

With the imposition of MCO 3.0 nationwide, they thought deeply about how they can once again play a role in contributing to our community. Considering the vaccination programme rolled out by the government, Agrain found that vaccination education is most crucial in equipping the public with the accurate knowledge to make an informed decision in protecting themselves.

Motivated to use their voice to encourage our community in doing the right thing, they have since launched an online campaign known as "Roll Up Your Sleeves with Agrain" with the intention of sharing and disseminating accurate vaccine information and research on our online platforms. Encourage and incentivise them to do the necessary in protecting themselves and their loved ones. Supply healthy meals with the aid of public donations to support our vaccination task force.

Since the launch of the Roll Up Your Sleeves donation campaign via Agrain For Good on 1 July 2021, support from the community has been good and enabled them to sponsor healthy meals to the vaccination task force at several PPVs, notably PWTC and MITEC, to fuel them in their battle against Covid-19 in getting the country inoculated promptly, delivering about 600 meals to-date and have committed to at least another 1,000 meals until the end of August.


  • To make the donation, head over to
  • Select the amount you would like to donate and fill up the information required. Select "Roll Up Your Sleeves With Agrain" as the cause you would like to support.
  • Donations will be directed towards the Vaccination Task Force @ Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC) & Malaysia International Trade and Exhibition Centre (MITEC), KL.
  • You will be provided with pictures as proof of delivery once your donation fulfilment is completed!

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