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Aizat Amdan introduces his new English project under the moniker Ai.Z

Aizat Amdan introduces his new English project under the moniker Ai.Z

Kuala Lumpur based Aizat Amdan is no stranger to the Malaysian music industry, getting his start on the fifth season of the competition reality show Akademi Fantasia in 2007. Despite finishing the show in seventh place, Aizat went on to establish himself as a staple fixture in the Malay music landscape starting with his smash hit “Hanya Kau Mampu”. Since then he has consistently released multiple albums, singles and has earned many accolades and music awards.

Now as Ai.Z, he is ready to crossover internationally with his debut English single “The Last Thing”.
As an artist, transforming my sound and reinventing my artistry doesn’t mean I’m losing my identity. It means I’m adding layers to it until I eventually find myself at the end of the entire process”, explains Ai.Z on this latest project.



His first offering as Ai.Z is a track that he co-wrote with fellow Malaysian and international recording artist, Yuna, which is produced by rising talents Kuizz and SA.TU. What was meant to be a casual visit to the studio turned into a creative and inspired collaboration session between the four. The outcome; a song that centres on the theme of love and loss. On “The Last Thing”, Ai.Z's draws on his personal journey of having to navigate the feeling of being "lost in love", dealing with the end of that relationship, the struggles of moving on and finding closure from it. Sonically, it’s a blend of sultry R&B and pop. Producer Kuizz keeps the instrumentation simple, showcasing Ai.Z’s natural vocal abilities and allowing the listener to tap into the song lyrically, with most of the sub-bass movement coming in the chorus.

Ai.Z will also unveil the music video for “The Last Thing”, directed by the budding visual creator, Nelson Chong on 11 June 2021 on Ai.Z’s official YouTube channel. Shot in Kuala Lumpur, Chong reveals the music video concept explores the idea of ‘loops’ and the role it plays in being stuck in a toxic relationship.

“The Last Thing” premiered exclusively on prolific taste maker and Apple Music’s Global Creative Director’, Zane Lowe’s show on Apple Music on 8 June and is now available for purchase and/or streaming on iTunes, Spotify, TIDAL and most streaming platforms.

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