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Altered Vision x Voidrealm present Syzygy at Trinco Bar 3 May 2019

Altered Vision x Voidrealm present Syzygy at Trinco Bar 3 May 2019

Altered Vision is back to kickstart their first event of 2019 tihs Friday 3 May and are introducing a brand new concept by collaborating with up and coming techno collective Voidrealm to bring you 2 stages/rooms that will be running simultaneously with Psytrance on the Rooftop and Techno in The Club of Trinco.

Line up for the psytrance stage includes Damnedge, The Superglo, Gan D and Zey.

Down in the techno room, DJ Peri, Aduti b2b Rays, Kubika b2bWowie and Han b2b Alcon.



Jamal a.k.a Damnedge is a member of the Malaysian Psytrance group Epic Tribe and has had a frequent presence at festivals and parties in S.E. Asia. Since joining the German BMSS (Brother Moon Sister Sun) Records in 2016 he has also started playing in Europe and other parts of Asia. Some memorable gigs were at the SUN Festival (Hungary), Nature Sound Festival (Serbia), Psychedelic Happiness (Germany), The Experience Festival (Thailand), Moon Mountain Festival (Thailand), Dance for Peace Festival (Indonesia), Burning Island Festival (Indonesia) and Aywa Festival (Lebanon).

An avid world-traveller for more than 20 years, his journeys have taken him to all continents where he has lived an array of dimensions and experiences.

Jamal views Psytrance as an organic universe. One of no judgement and no spoken words where pure raw energy in the form of sound frequencies unite artists, dancers, producers, DJs, healers and to be healed… A universe where everyone is a piece of the puzzle and has an equally important role in the great balance.

He has “found himself” in the Psytrance world where he continues his passion of giving the best gift to people that he can imagine: ‘Happiness’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Smiles’. In the DJ booth, his love for the dancefloor and the connection with the crowd has quickly gained him a positive audience response. Whether he is playing energetic Fullon, groovy Twilight or mysterious Forest psytrance, his aim is always the same, to keep people on the edge and to create a bridge which connects them to the beyond.



The Superglo, Co-founder of Malaysia's EPIC TRIBE psytrance collective and a veteran since the earliest days of the Malaysian psytrance scene, he is has played an active role in helping to support, grow and nurture the Malaysian psytrance scene and community into what it is today,

Although choosing to remain mostly behind-the-scenes in recent years, Ken is still known to make occasional guest appearance on party lineups and dropping an impromptu set or two of stomping, face numbing psychedelic sounds.



Hard Techno, Deep Techno and smart minimal tunes with a tat of experimental nuances is that what makes P.E.R.I.'s style individual.

Up until recently, P.E.R.I relocated to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and in 2018, that once deep-passion for the Techno sound reignited and motivated this DJ to reconnect with the local electronic music community. Since then, her passion-fueled Techno sets have begun to garner a cult following both locally, and in the international online-radio scene.

TRINCO KITCHEN & BAR: H-1-04/H-RT-04, The Hive, TREC, 434, Jalan Tun Razak, KL: Entry Fee: RM30.  * Free entry for Fire Flow artists. Props, Fuel and Fire Safety gear is of your own. Call 03-2110 2379.

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