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Amirah releases latest single in line with Malaysia Day, calling for unity and healing

Amirah releases latest single in line with Malaysia Day, calling for unity and healing

Singer-songwriter Amirah releases her latest single, “You Are My Land”, in line with Malaysia Day, calling out for unity and healing through her music.

When singer-songwriter Amirah began writing "You Are My Land", she did not intend to merely express her own feelings. Instead, she set out to transform the entire nation's pain into a deeply moving and unifying song. The end result is an inspirational ode that speaks to the souls of all Malaysian people.

When Malaysia was embroiled in one of the most severe political scandals in its history, Amirah was sitting at her piano, tearily following the news as she began writing "You Are My Land". She was echoing the pain of the people that were devastated by corruption, as well as the struggle of the 93 year old Tun Mahathir, who chose to return to his former position as Prime Minister to save his beloved country. She thought about her loved ones and how deeply she would miss them when she left Malaysia to pursue her musical calling. Every one of these feelings can be heard in the song's achingly beautiful melody.



Amirah's greatest gift as a songwriter is her ability to unite people on every side of a conflict, expressing empathy and warmth in every note she sings. Her fusion of Eastern and Western sounds, including Hands Percussion group (Chinese drums) and a custom designed chromatic gamelan saron, is truly captivating. "You Are My Land" is just one humble song, but it contains the strength and power of an entire nation.



The main meaning of the song is about the people of Malaysia, love for our country and calling out for unity. It combines cinematic pop, Live strings, Malaysian Chinese drums by HANDS Percussion Group and gamelan​. ​East meets West, uniting Malaysian cultures through music”, says Amirah.

"You Are My Land" is available on Malaysia Day, September 16, 2020 at

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