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Atman Festival Teaser Kuala Lumpur 10 November 2018

Atman Festival Teaser Kuala Lumpur 10 November 2018

Atman Tribe and Altered Vision is making the first contact to call up all the freaks for Atman festival 2019 teaser party in Kuala Lumpur this 10 November 2018.



Atman Festival is a tribal gathering that stems from an international organisation with the objective of developing a new musical dimension within the tropical paradise known as Sri Lanka, alongside focused efforts on charity aid and eco-sustainable projects that improve livelihoods

A whole week of art , music and performances will feature spirits from all over the world that share a unique experience bringing together the pleasures in discovering a new, different reality. 

Atman represents the collective consciousness bringing us together but still underlining our own individuality while empowering the communities that surround us.



With a special line up for this teaser including Angrytonw (Yapaii) LIVE and DJs Nstomp, PureX., Oddicon, WK, Kali, Isometrix and Isometrix.




With visual mappings from Akasha Visual, décor from Altered Visions.

REPUBLIC CLUB: 21, Changkat Bukit Bintang, KL: Admission: RM 40 + One Free Drink. (Non-Alcoholic Beverage)

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