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6 Best Indian Vegetarian Food Places in Kuala Lumpur to Visit

6 Best Indian Vegetarian Food Places in Kuala Lumpur to Visit

 In Malaysia, there are many awesome vegetarian and vegan eateries that serve meat and dairy free cuisine. Contrary to popular belief, vegetarian food doesn’t necessarily have to be bland and uninteresting. Indian vegetarian food is well known for its artistry. In fact, the Indians were among the first cultures in the world to practice vegetarianism.

Many Hindu's practice a type of vegetarianism different from the one practised by Buddhists. While Buddhist vegetarians cannot consume garlic, onions, ginger or any dairy, Indians can include these in their cooking if they so choose. Interesting fact that yoghurt is a common ingredient in many Indian vegetarian dishes.

Here are 6 places around Kuala Lumpur where you can find Delicious Indian Vegetarian food.

1. Radhey’s Pure Vegetarian Restaurant

Radhey’s is currently located on the fifth-floor foodcourt at Menara Citibank. It’s a really popular destination during the lunch break on working days. You’ll usually see a long line of people waiting to get their share of warm rice and fresh curries.

Apart from these, patrons get to choose from more than 10 types of vegetarian side dishes. One of the dishes really popular with everyone is the deep fried bitter gourd, which adds a lovely bit of crunch and texture to the meal.

2. Saravana Bhavan

There are several Saravana Bhavan outlets around the Klang Valley, with the oldest in Bangsar. There’s also one at Petaling Jaya Old Town. They serve really delicious lunch and dinner sets, some of which feature Briyani rice and vegetable sides.

Their curd rice comes highly recommended as this dish is pretty rare and can’t be found in many places. The curd rice here is refreshing and light as it is made with delicious in-house yoghurt.

3. Gandhi’s Vegetarian Restaurant

Gandhi’s is a casual dining outlet that serves all sorts of Indian style vegetarian dishes. For breakfast,  you can find the usual Indian bread like roti, chapati and others. During lunch, you can get a plate of rice with different sides in a mixed rice style, which you pick from a buffet spread.

However, in the evenings you can order things like nasi lemak, fried noodles, fried rice, claypot vegetarian fish, tofu cooked in various sauces and more. These will be prepared fresh in the kitchen. The menu also includes several western foods like burgers, quesadillas, pasta and chicken chop.

4. Sai Ananda Café

Located around Batu Caves area, this Indian restaurant in Selayang is the place to go for some delicious vegetarian Briyani for lunch. They have an airy setup with a shaded outdoor seating.

Apart from the usual Indian vegetarian rice and dishes, you’ll also find some western favourites like vegetarian pizza and vegetarian burgers. Their latest offering Is cheese ravioli and on certain days, they also offer Chinese noodles dishes like Kung Fu Char and Curry Mee. You’ll also be doing a good deed when you eat here as some of the proceeds will go to running a free dialysis centre for the poor.

5. Mr. Naan and Mrs Idli

This unique shop in Brickfields specializes in several types of Indian bread, including Chappati, Naan and Idli. Naan is a type of wheat bread cooked in a round oven called a Tandoor whereas idli is little steamed buns shaped like flying saucers.

Here, Idli is served in a variety of ways, including Sambhar Idli, Masala Idli, Ghee Idli, Manchurian Idli and more. They offer an all you can eat buffet for only RM15 from Mondays to Fridays at 12pm to 3pm featuring different curries, vegetable side dishes, rice and bread.

6. Sangeetha Vegetarian Restaurant

Located in Ampang, this restaurant serves special meal sets that include rice, bread, curries, vegetables, raita, yoghurt and even some sweets. You can choose from a variety of sets on their menu, and even add on some freshly cooked vegetables from their list of ala carte offerings.

The Sangeetha brand comes directly from India and offers an authentic dining experience. One of the must-tries here is the Madras Filter Coffee if you’re a coffee fan.

all pictures are credited to each outlet respective social media pages 

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