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Back2BassX Vol 1 Drum'n'bass at The Cafe Society KL 11 May 2018

 Back2BassX Vol 1 Drum'n'bass at The Cafe Society KL 11 May 2018

Resistiv3 presents Back 2 Bassx(Drum’n’bass Society Edition), at The Café Society KL, TREC on the 11th May for a night of drum’n’bass and jungle featuring Malaysian bass legend Backslash, award-winning bass-meister Anowl, bass wunderkind Zinizi, bass IT girl Fatim, and laidback bass crew DBCO featuring Chip DX, MC essam and MC Keeta B. Expect a heady night of deep/dark, liquid, jungle, neurofunk, jump up, and old skool anthems to get the dance floor pulsating, with double drops thrown in for a ridiculously good time. Rinse out, rewind, repeat!

Backslash: Backslash kicked things off as a counterpart from Malaysia’s pioneering drum’n’bass Spacebar Collective, a collective he joined in the early 1990s. A local D&B scene legend, Backslash was DJing and performing live breakbeats and D&B to the club masses during the infancy stages of dance and electronica music in Malaysia in the early 1990s, long before most people even knew what bass music was. Backslash has performed at many events and venues across Malaysia and East Asia and has produced music along-side international names like SUV (V Recordings, UK) and Luke Wilson of Utah Jazz (Spearhead Records) under Take Off Records and the Loops Collective flag.


Anowl: Anowl is a well-known figure in the local D&B scene and continues to push the boundaries of bass acceptance via Resistiv3, a collective that has produced some of the best D&B nights Kuala Lumpur has ever seen. An avid junglist since 1998, Anowl began spinning in 2003 and is a four-time champion of numerous DJ Battles, known primarily for his technically impressive mixing and beat-matching skills.



Zinizi: If you don’t know who Zinizi is yet, then you’re missing out. This low-profile bass head is a well-known bass music producer on SoundCloud and YouTube, known to the masses via his monikers Pedas and SoundKelaut. A staple of the local DnB scene for years, Zinizi has produced countless parody songs that have gone viral on social media, proving that every sound he makes indeed turns to gold.



Fatim: Hailing from Kuala Lumpur, Fatim is one of KL’s bass music enthusiasts, and started her DJing career in 2013, debuting with Malaysian dubstep pioneers Bud Culture. Initially, she focused mainly on dubstep and grime, but as she progressed she began to experiment with other sounds. Today, Fatim brings you her unique style that revolves around bass music. Fatim is the first female artist to join the Akhyla collective, and is also a part of the Singapore-based all-female collective, ATTAGIRL!



DBCO Collective:
Chip DX (DBCO): Chip DX has been a DnB purveyor for as long as he can remember, but only took up the challenge of bringing his musical stylings to the scene in 2010 as one-fifth of DnB collective DBCO. Since then, Chip DX along with DBCO has produced a number of mixes, most notably the Gumball Radio Mix in 2015, and has performed live at various shows around Klang Valley. Chip’s crazy energy and his love for a diverse range of DnB genres
mean that no two Chip DX mixes are ever the same.

MC Essam: Essam MC is a long-time bass head and a rap maestro, having recorded on the Phat Family album with his group AllStarz Division and other local hip-hop royalties. With a keen sense of rhyme, rhythm and prose, Essam brings his A-game to the mic every single time. Starting out as a D&B MC in 2010 with DBCO, Essam has featured on various DBCO mixes and has performed at numerous gigs locally and abroad.

Keeta B: Keeta B is a music-loving Soulchild and has dabbled in music for most of her life, mainly as the vocalist of ska band Kluk Kluk Adventure. Not one to be limited by genres, Keeta B has always had a particular affection for D&B and has finally found a way to express her love for it as an MC with DBCO. Starting with her first live gig in 2010 alongside Essam, Keeta B has also featured on various DBCO live sets and mixes and continues to hone her craft as a D&B MC and vocalist.



THE CAFÉ SOCIETY: Hives, TREC, 434, Jalan Tun Razak, KL: Free entry before midnight. Call 013-330 7770.

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