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Barrio by Pisco Invites SaturdaySelects Presents: Jengi 19 January 2019

Barrio by Pisco Invites SaturdaySelects Presents: Jengi 19 January 2019

SaturdaySelects welcomes Jengi (Studio KOTO), with Roshan and Lionel Rizki this Saturday 19 January 2019 at Barrio by Pisco Bar KL.

Since his first hit single “Bruh”, young Dutch producer Jengi has been steadily making a name for himself. Since the release of his first EP “Colors”, Jengi has gone on to produce the now viral hit “Mine”, by Bazzi.



The Dutch producer and artiste has been producing since high school and always drew inspiration from several influences and genres creating his own unique indie electro productions. With his funky vocal cuts and nifty house beats, Jengi always brings a harmonic sound that transcends into his live sets with endless amounts of energy and will keep you dancing all night long.

Jengi, born Jan Berendsen in 1996, in the Netherlands, has been making music since 2013. His childhood dream was to become a professional skateboarder and video director, eventually he discovered the infinite possibilities of electronic music on his father’s computer, which turned out to be his real thing.



He was raised with different styles like lounge, soul, hip hop and classic rock and has found his own sound over the years. An example is the warm futuristic synthesizer he creates including a crossover of house and hip hop drums and cut vocal samples.

Jengi made his debut with his first EP “Colors”, that was brought out on January 27th 2017. The EP reached over more than a million streams and it was featured on the BBC Radio 1Xtra Jamz Supernova's top 40 EPs of The Year. He also performed several shows in Europe and Asia for the first time.

Currently, the Dutch producer is working on solo material and collaborations with other musicians.

About SaturdaySelects

SaturdaySelects is a record label and collective of like minded people who share the same passion for music. They look to create a platform and avenue to share music from up and coming artists from around the world and foster a strong community that supports these artists. They devote themselves to support and document the young and upcoming music scene, which consist of local talents to ear-catching bedroom artistes from around South East Asia and the world.


Roshan is the co founder of SaturdaySelects. Driven by various genres across the world which includes (not limited to) baile funk, hip hop, dancehall and house music, Roshan Menon leads the A&R for SaturdaySelects. He is always in search of new tunes and new faces.


Lionel Rizki’s favoured sound is a range of disco and electronic sounds with groovy beats, horns and synths from the late 70s that’s guaranteed to get the dance floor down to boogie. As a Japanophile, audiences are often treated to the odd city pop single, Shibuya kei tracks and even themes from recent Nippon productions.

PISCO BAR: 29, Jalan Mesui, off Jalan Nagasari, KL: Admission (with one drink): RM50. Call 03-2142 2900 or e-mail

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