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Comedian Harvinth Skin officially launches fresh & chaotic late night talk show

Comedian Harvinth Skin officially launches fresh & chaotic late night talk show

Malaysian YouTube and social media star, Harvinth Skin, has officially launched a fresh and chaotic talk show called “THE THE LATE LATE NIGHT NIGHT SHOW SHOW WITH WITH HARVINTH HARVINTH SKIN SKIN” (TTLLNNSSWWHHSS).


Dubbed as Malaysia’s (maybe even Singapore’s) best late night talk show, it’s hosted, produced & written by Harvinth Skin himself!

TTLLNNSSWWHHSS debuts on SkinTv, Harvinth’s YouTube channel, with help from his star studded accomplices, Ion Furjanic, a renowned creative genius from New York City, as Director, alongside Ryan Matjeraie, a former Radio and TV host turned Director/Creator as the head writer.





TTLLNNSSWWHHSS premiered its pilot episode on 21st October 2020, marking his first major foray off his usual video content and into the talk show sphere, garnering a whopping 50,501 views in less than a week. The pilot episode featured legendary local singer, songwriter and producer, Reshmonu as well as Harry Kok, a hysterical, unapologetic Malaysian persona that comes in the form of a puppet. Response from the show had hundreds of positive comments regarding the content, originality and international quality that have viewers craving for more.


I made my first ever YouTube video six years ago, wanting to create content to make people laugh. TTLLNNSSWWHHSS has been something I’ve been working on for a long time, creating a talk show where I can express myself creatively, reaching out to new audiences who crave authentic comedic content. This is my dream come true. I have my own Talk Show, dei!”, says Harvinth Skin.

Following the success of his pilot episode, Harvinth will launch the highly anticipated next episode on 28th October 2020, featuring popular local artistes,  Zamaera and Lil Asian Thiccie.

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