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Connected present Sunju Hargun at Privi KL 13 April 2018

Connected present Sunju Hargun at Privi KL 13 April 2018

Sunju Hargun who is playing at Privi for the House & Techno night Connected on the 13th April constantly works in parallels ‐ drenched by a potent mixture of juxtaposition and fluidity in both his sets and his productions, Moodwax aka Sunju Hargun, fuses the grey area space between music of the body and mind. With over 15 years consumed by a thirst for electronic music, with roots originally from India, but born in Thailand, he has released on leading imprints such as Turbo Recordings, and many more, while maintaining a solid DJ schedule that’s seen him open the minds of crowds at clubs and festivals in Germany, Australia, Amsterdam, Spain, Norway all the way to Singapore, Manila, Hong Kong, Bangkok, India and Bali.



Techno heads love Sunju, house heads love Sunju, as well as the deep and dirty and the light and bright. Few artists flow through genres and emotional landscapes with such ease and fluidity as Sunju, challenging preconceptions of the dance floor and the expected outcome in the process.

The spark behind his excursions is natural: as a music lover, he’s always stayed open to different styles and aesthetics. As an artist, he’s always allowed himself to express his take on each genre. It’s true that with Sunju, you never know what to expect, other than consistently sounding fresh and unique output.



With the recent success of his ‘Open to Close’ tour, performing around various clubs in South East Asia with extended sets from starting the club to ending the night might have contributed to his rise through the ranks. But it’s his avid work ethic and undying love that gives his success a solid and deep rooted foundation.

Striking a fine line between quantity and quality is no easy task, but this juxtaposition comes easily to an unpredictable talent such as Sunju. It all comes naturally to a man who is first and foremost a music lover by heart. As with any restless entity, Sunju further explores pastures new, he’ll be launching a new digital label which will seek to cast producers tracks across the divide of musical consumption and appreciation.



Also featuring for the night - Sanzy. Certainly not a stranger to local house and techno music lovers. He has been heating up the dance floor with his unique selection of music. Sanzy has steadily made a name for himself as one of the best exponents of the Driving Progressive sounds in the city. His sets are Melody driven and plays a wide range of selections from Deep House, Melodic Techno, Progressive House & Minimal Techno.

PRIVI: 8, Jalan Bedara, off Jalan Nagasari, Kuala Lumpur. Admission: RM40. Presale RM30.

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