Connected presents Xonora, 27 July 2018

Connected presents Xonora, 27 July 2018

Her silky smooth DJ mixes, unbeatable track selection, and energetic performance have defined Xonora who will be joining the Connected night at Privi KL this Friday 27 July 2018 as an unstoppable force behind the decks and one of Tokyo's most in-demand DJs. An incredibly active DJ in Tokyo's club circuit and now Malaysia as well,



Xonora can frequently be spotted at many of Japan's top venues including WOMB, ageHa, Joule, and Sound Museum Vision, but her adaptability has taken her everywhere from brand events in Tokyo and Malaysia to luxurious lounges to festivals, beach parties, and outdoor raves.

Although it was initially trance and hard dance that sparked Xonora's interest in DJing, she found her true niche in her own unmistakable blend of progressive house, techno, and deep tech house fused with a heavy smattering of percussive grooves and exotic melodies. However, diversifying her gigs also meant diversifying her sound, and Xonora manages to captivate audiences by taking her unique approach even to more mainstream genres.



Her popularity and reputation in Japan is evident in her ranking in the domestic Top 50 DJ ranking two years in a row, under her former alias LX-E. Since 2014, Xonora's DJ career has ventured far beyond Japan's shores, from Seoul to Borneo, Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur, and many other locations in between. Currently based back and forth between Tokyo and Kuala Lumpur.

PRIVI: Jalan Nagasari, KL

Connected is a group of DJs and music lovers committed to promote the music they love in the place they love - KL. They are all about bringing together local, regional and international DJ's/Producers and highlighting their talent to the music lovers of KL. Geddes, Niall F, Anthony J and Rob G will warm up the floor with house, tech house, deep house and techno.

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