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Dean Dixon at Pisco Bar 26 May 2018

Dean Dixon at Pisco Bar 26 May 2018

Pisco Bar is proud to present a purveyor of all things amazing, resident of the ever so prestigious Potato Head Bali, Dean Dixon on the 26th May 2018. Originally hailing from Canada by way of Australia, Dean Dixon’s DJ style espouses diversity. He wholeheartedly believes there’s great music in every genre and takes great joy in sharing his worldly treasures with others.

His DJ style espouses diversity and he believes there’s great music in every genre & that you simply require the passion to dedicate time & patience to lay your fingers on it. He loves sharing his worldly treasures with others and providing glorious sonic surprises, where you can expect the unexpected and prepare yourself for anything.

On the Australian scene, Dean ran HAHA Industries and played regularly alongside Dave Fernandes. As D&D, they forged a musical pathway down the side streets, forgotten laneways and dark warehouse spaces that made up the more unique aspects of the Sydney late night party scene over the last decade. They’ve warmed the floors alongside some of the most prominent international electronic music artists. He now holds DJ residencies and Potato Head Beach Club & Rock Bar in Bali among others. His endless passion to find the weird & wonderful & share it with others creates special moments each time he plays.


Supported on the night by Dj Soothsayer @ Jamie Allan. Originally from the UK, DJ Soothsayer has been spinning on the wheels of steel for over 15 years. Drawing inspiration from Hip Hop, Funk, Disco, UKG, House and Techno the main aim is to disrupt the norm and keep the dance floor grooving.

PISCO BAR :  29, Jalan Mesui, off Jalan Nagasari, KL: Call 03-2142 2900 or e-mail

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