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Kuala Lumpur Nightlife : Dr Ng Kah Ming at No Black Tie

Kuala Lumpur Nightlife : Dr Ng Kah Ming at No Black Tie

Bach, Beer and Brandy featuring Dr Ng Kah Ming at No Black Tie


DR Kah-Ming Ng at No Black Tie Kuala Lumpur

Jazz venues, classical music and a bit of a tipple do not seem to be the most obvious evening companions but Kuala Lumpur jazz spot No Black Tie does have an interesting reputation in offering this combination.

On Monday, OCTOBER 30, conductor–harpsichordist–musicologist Dr Ng Kah-Ming returns to No Black Tie for another harpsichord recital with hilarious-yet- historical classical anecdotes you don’t hear much of in a music class. Something like Bach’s fondness for a tipple, Couperin’s descriptions of bacchic Versailles, Weelkes’ ailing ale-fuelled career, Purcell’s love of the tavern and the theatre … all washed down with lashings of drinking-song variations by Buxtehude and Sweelinck.



Malaysian-born, England domiciled Dr Ng is an Oxford don of the highest order, and a period music expert of equally highest order. He’s one of Malaysia’s more unusual public figures: a conductor, harpsichordist, musicologist, and public speaker whose work is internationally acclaimed for its imaginative combination of rigorous scholarship with panache in performance.

An unwitting (and unelected) cultural ambassador for his country, Dato’ Dr Ng’s œuvre is represented by the frequent inclusion in radio playlists around the world of many of his 22 critically-acclaimed CD recordings as well as his concert and radio appearances around the globe. As a scholar-researcher he is a recognized authority on two of the most fundamental aspects of pre-Classical performance practice: firstly, musical ornamentation (on which he wrote two substantial entries on French and English baroque ornamentation in the authoritative and definitive New Grove Dictionary of Music & Musicians); secondly, basso continuo improvisation (to which is related his Oxford University doctoral dissertation entitled ‘Figured Bass accompaniment in its social and artistic contexts’).



Prof. Dato’ Dr Ng is best known internationally as the musical director and founder of the multiple-award-winning English ensemble Charivari Agréable, acclaimed ‘as one of the classiest baroque bands’ in the world. It is unusually one of the few ensembles that still conducts source research, to produce ‘imaginative ground-breaking recordings of forgotten musical treasures’, which are ‘the fruits of both scholarly research and charismatic musicianship, a combination that puts it at the forefront of period-instrument ensembles’ (BBC Music Magazine).

No Black Tie Kuala Lumpur

NO BLACK TIE : 17, Jalan Mesui, off Jalan Nagasari, Kuala Lumpur

Cover charge: RM53. Call 03-2142 3737 after 5pm or visit for bookings.





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