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Malaysia electronica producers and labels end challenging year with releases

Malaysia electronica producers and labels end challenging year with releases

While we are still pretty much in limbo when it comes to clubs getting back on track here in Malaysia, local electronica producers, local based underground labels have been busy running up to year end with releases in this challenging period. On international release over the past month and a half, here's a selection of some off the mainstream cuts and remixes.



Malaysian Electronic Music Artist, Yusef Kifah, released a new track on Hard Trance Europe recently. Having first landed on HTE with Evolution over a year ago, which fast became a Lab4 favourite and earned a place on Black Hole Recordings compilation, Hard Trance Europe Vol 3. Fast forward a year and he's back with yet another abrasive and tripped-out futuristic destroyer. Hallucinate is a 142 bpm Hard Trance tune with elements of Hard Dance and Tech.



Hard Trance Europe (HTE) is a UK based record label focused on the harder sounds of Trance music and has donned releases by artists such as Scot Project, Renegade System and Nick The Kid. Listen to Hallucinate on all major platforms, out now. 



Malaysian founded imprint Sweatbox Records November releases include Malaysian based Otherkind with Stop, a dance floor friendly composition, laced with deep, driving synths and delicious energy. Indonesia-hailing Reno Renatama returns to Sweatbox Records with People Say and dance floor warmer Quite the Opposite.



Find the releases on Beatport via Sweatbox Records. Lauhaus and Mario Franca also return to Sweatbox Records with a deep groover with the Zau EP, comprising the graceful energy of Jump Me, the spacious feel of Rose to the beautifual chords of lead track Zau. 


MY Connected

Drops their latest release with LasKee & Also Ken's Reality. Its release number seven for the Malaysian founded and based imprint and sees label newcomer LasKee join creative forces with label honcho Also Ken to deliver some dancefloor fodder with their offering.



On the flip is a remix from K-MRK. He's no stranger to success, with previous works under his alias, MY Digital Enemy, making it into the sets of some of the world's most prolific DJs and on to some of the world's biggest labels. On general release, via Beatport and other digital platforms.


Still Rockin' With Tony

SaturdaySelects honcho Roshan releases a remix via Ballloom Records for MAARTEN's Still Rockin' With Tony. It's his first ever release on Traxsource. Check out MAARTEN's Original Mix + The Remixes from Q Narongwate, Funky Gangster & Roshan. Available at



Mr Rodrigo's Babytalk was just released under the renowned Nervous Records on their newer project/label Nurvous. Mister Rodrigo (formerly The Mutual Collective); heavily affected by the working-class culture of his hometown where his music explores the roots of house and techno with a focus on breakbeat and garage.

Having founded his digital creative studio, Wax Tropical Studios in 2020, his music produces a raw feeling with a taste of the nostalgic sound that represents himself as an artiste. With Babytalk, he's taken a more modern (as he describes it) approach on a breakbeat track which features classic M1 pianos along with a heavy hitting bassline, trying ot capture the essence of a typical 90s breaks track with a newer vocal take and edits on the samples he used. Available at traxsource and on all streaming platforms.


11 Years Remixes

Fresh from KL's Ohrwurm label's first two releases, comes the third release right this last couple of weeks now out on Bandcamp. 11 Years Remixes Part 1 presents 3 remixes off their initial first compilation album 11 Years Remixes.



SaturdaySelects' Roshan features again here, with his after hours take on label honcho Alam’s Feel It. Sweatbox's Otherkind also makes his presence felt with an upbeat version for Azim Fathi’s Trouble Man. Voidrealm's Odd’s remix for Notion A’s Decoy is ready to terrorise dancefloors all over. This first remix series clearly shows the creative flow of each producer. Available via Ohrwurm's Bandcamp page 


Alam – Edits Vol 2

Ohrwurm label honcho Alam also has a new release out on long established Malaysian imprint Love International. Alam – Edits Vol 2 was just released and follows his Unknown Edits Vol.1 release on the same label a few months ago. Alam - Unknown Edits Vol. 2 with Work This Edit and Gotta Jam This Edit comprise the release.



Available via beatport / traxsource / junodownload


Shelter EP

Malaysian founded label Soul De Anima's (SDA) latest release from label honcho Westseven is the Shelter EP. After the success of his last release on the label, Go Right Through which saw itself making its way into the playlists of some of the genre's biggest players, label boss Westseven is back and heading out with his new offering Shelter EP, comprising five cuts that fit between the dance floor and the living room. From the distinctly progressive feels of The Station House and Lux, through the more downtempo, organic tones of Shelter and Everybody Deserves Sunshine and on to the instant-classic vibes of Break The Cycle (featuring Beacon Bloom on the only vocal track of the release)



this EP gives a journeyed impression on the world through Westsevens eyes yet leaves enough to the imagination for the listener to get lost in their own version of events. Available at Beatport: And just in/out on SDA, championing release thirteen is Mike Lane with his debut EP on the label, Ceiba Tree. Sporting three memorable cuts, Off the Grid, Adore, and Ceiba Tree. The trio take you on a steady excursion through warm and fuzzy electronic fields, driven by chunky, soft-edged kicks, energy-soaked drums, and packed with sunshine ladened melodies and vocal touches. Exclusively available from Beatport right now.


With You

Back to the trance waves, Malaysian trance maestro Boris Foong's just released on Reaching Altitude, with Vadim Bonkrashkov, the mammoth, high energy With You. Featuring the angelic vocals of Cari this EP will get your hearts racing, your feet moving and your fists pumping. It comes with a special remix by Malaysian hard-style kings Bass Agents, who take things up a notch with a glorious hardstyle reimagining. Link:



This release comes fresh from Boris remixing Space Journey and Colder for renowned international producer MaRLo. Link: Fellow Stellar Radio host Ramsey Westwood also released recently on AVA Recordings, where he is becoming quite a regular on the release schedules. Distance with LKX was out just last month on AVA Recordings via all digital platforms, as well as Over You on Interplay Records and Never Cry (with Michael Mah) on Rave Up Records.


Ex Machina

And closing up 2021 is none other than Boris Foong's last singles release for the year, producing a track based on a dark dystopian and mystical setting; the music concept projects through with a “robotcic” sounding bassline and drop, togethertogether with epic, dark, synth melodies. As premiered on MaRLo's ALTITUDE Melbourne DJ set as an ID, Ex Machina will be released on Reaching Altitude, 17 December 2021. Pre-save link:

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