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Epic Tribe December 9 2017

Epic Tribe December 9 2017

The Epic Tribe Psytrance at Under9 KL December 9


under9 kl

EPIC Tribe , Malaysia's leading and growing Psychedelic Culture , Music & Arts collectives – invites you back for another mystical adventures of underground psychedelic trance at Under9 Kuala Lumpur this December 9.

This will be the last EPIC Tribe gathering of the year, to close off the season of 2017. It has been truly a magical year for them and such a pleasure in hosting all these gatherings this season with such beautiful and amazing people. They will be back in February 2018.

Damnedge the epic tribe at under9 kl

Featuring EPIC Tribe artiste Typsy Gypsy debut set at Under9 , supported by Damnedge & By The Rain , they will guide you into the journey of illuminating psychedelic experiences. Decoration and visual arts installation by Aumerta, visionary live painting and art gallery by Art Of Nabura and ZEIDGEIZ, with alternative market area PASAR KITA.

EPIC Tribe prides itself by throwing legendary NON-PROFIT parties with ZERO CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP. Your support goes directly towards booking their acts, sound system, decorations, as well as operating costs of our location.

under9 kl

UNDER9 : Bangunan Ming Annexe, 9, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur

Admission: RM25.

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