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Epic Tribe presents Psyche at Hangover PJ 8 September 2019

Epic Tribe presents Psyche at Hangover PJ 8 September 2019

EPIC Tribe, Malaysia's leading & growing Psychedelic Culture , Music & Art collectives is back for a special celebration of underground Psychedelic Trance at Hangover PJ on 8 September 2019 with a special new night and stellar line up with Baburs, Damnedge & By The Rain.



Baburs may look very serious on the outside but deep inside he is a cheeky playful monkey. Starting in 2013, Baburs is a member of EPIC Tribe, Malaysia’s leading and growing psychedelic culture, music, and art collectives, and a label Chill Out DJ for Trimurti Records. Baburs is also a resident DJ for Belantara Gathering. Baburs plays Psytrance, both day and night sounds, but he is best known for his Chill Out mixes. He doesn’t play a specific chill out style and instead mixes different sounds, from Psy-Dub, Glitch, Deep Trance, Ambient and so on. This weird combination is an invitation to the listener to embark on a journey through the realms of his mind.



Questioning your being, through sounds, By The Rain reaches to your souls deepest, darkest desires that awaits to be explored by oneself. he experiments progressive sounds through ethnicity and various cultures combined together with electronics , sculpting waves of sound which brings out unique colours to one’s soul.

Epic Tribe’s Damnedge is also affiliated to BMSS Records, Epic Tribe (Malaysia), Belantara (Malaysia), Stara Škola (Serbia)

Hangover PJ: D-37-01, Dataran 3 Two Square, No. 2 Jalan 19 /1,  Petaling Jaya, Malaysia, Entry is RM20, Strictly 21 years old and above only (no ID, no entry)

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