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Fine Art and Food combine at Graze, The Hilton KL

Fine Art and Food combine at Graze, The Hilton KL

You rarely get to enjoy a stunning art exhibit while dining on some of the finest food in the city. But, thanks to a new exhibition at Graze in the KL Hilton, you all can do so until May 23. Celebrating the work of one of Malaysia's finest young artists, 24-year-old Tan Ken Ming, the culinary team at Graze have curated a menu that will inspire the artist in you. Drawing on the beauty of Ming's The Blue Bird painting, the chefs at Graze have outdone themselves with the Uccello Azzurro menu. 

The delicately flavoured Sicilian crudo pasta starter is perfectly complemented by delicious tomato and olive focaccia. But it is the main course that will truly whet an artist's appetite. The rolled free-range chicken, stuffed with pesto, is presented on a Pollak-esque dressed plate. The splashes of naturally coloured pastes create a feast for the eyes while the tastes of potato, beets, truffles and spinach dance on your palate with joy. No two plates are the same as the splashes and swirls are each a unique piece of edible art. 

Fine Art and Food combine at Graze, The Hilton KL

Artfully designed main course of Pollo Ripeino (Images courtesy of The Hilton)

For the vegetarian/vegan guest, the starter is a creamy, fresh Caprese salad, while the main is a delightful take on an Eggplant Parmigiana, artistically served on the vegetable puree "painted" plate. 

Dessert is an Italian favourite of Panacotta, but as with everything on this exquisite menu, it has been elevated to a level befitting the event. A roll of the creamy dessert is dressed with some crunchy honeycomb and gold leaf. It sits on a bed of granola with splashes of raspberry, mango and blackberry coulis with a strawberry and flower garnish. 

Fine Art and Food combine at Graze, The Hilton KL

Complete set menu, cocktails and The Blue Bird painting that inspired the chefs. (Images courtesy of The Hilton)

The famous Jungle Bird Cocktail gets a makeover to celebrate Ming's Blue Bird painting. The divine mixture of rum, Campari and juices has been turned blue for the occasion and is served in the cutest bird-shaped glasses I have ever seen. A non-alcoholic "red bird" version is also available. 

For art lovers, this is an exhibition not to be missed. Young Ming's artistic exploration of the natural world is colourful, joyful and extremely clever. He balances the beauty of the paints with the use of materials such as sheet music and newspapers to make the paintings jump off the canvas. 

Fine Art and Food combine at Graze, The Hilton KL

The Red Giraffe and Aztec Warrior paintings by Ken Ming on display at Graze. (Images courtesy of The Hilton)

Ming's paintings are on display as you enter the restaurant. They make a fantastic appetiser for the delicious food curated to honour his work. Don't miss out. Book a table for this sensory feast today. 

Set menu RM228 nett per person. Jungle Bird Cocktail RM49 nett/Non-Alcoholic RM38 nett. 

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