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Foret Blanc Review Petaling Utama Avenue

Foret Blanc Review Petaling Utama Avenue

Foret Blanc is a place that’s dedicated to desserts, and their sweet creations are really making waves among the young people on this side of the Klang Valley. There are two Foret Blanc outlets right now. One is at Sri Petaling while the other is at Petaling Utama Avenue. I’ll be frank and say I chose the one at Petaling Utama Avenue because it was a lot less hectic and there are plenty of parking spaces.

Entrance at Foret Blanc, Petaling Utama Avenue | Kuala Lumpur Best Cafe Review 2018

The outlet is located in a pretty quiet area in the PJS neighbourhood. It’s the last place you expect to find a dessert café. The exterior of Foret Blanc was crisp, clean and minimalist. The first thing you’ll probably notice is the fairy light. The café is filled with small wooden tables and cosy corners that are perfect for large groups or couples.

Inside at Foret Blanc, Petaling Utama Avenue | Kuala Lumpur Best Cafe Review 2018

Foret Blanc is known for their really beautiful ice-cream based desserts, and probably the most famous Berry Mellow Unicorn which is shaped like a pretty cheerful unicorn head. The menu also features waffles which come in mini and regular sizes. The availability of mini sized waffles was a real plus point. The thing is, this place is meant for people who want to get dessert after the main meal so big portions might not be the best.

Tale as old as time Dessert at Foret Blanc, Petaling Utama Avenue | Kuala Lumpur Best Cafe Review 2018

I arrived here after having a substantial lunch, so I opted to have the mini ‘Tale As Old as Time’ waffle (RM15) which was a pretty classic creation with small cubes of fresh fruits and a generous scoop of vanilla ice cream. The waffle was crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It was light and not heavy or stodgy at all. I loved it. Their ice cream is rich and well suited to the fruits that are scattered around it.

Mousse Egg Dessert at Foret Blanc, Petaling Utama Avenue | Kuala Lumpur Best Cafe Review 2018

I really wanted to order their ‘Kopitiam Breakfast Set’ speciality dessert. You may be forgiven if you think this is a savoury set, but it’s actually ice cream and sweet desserts made to look like soft boiled eggs and coffee. The entire set is served in a quintessential off-white Kopitiam cup and saucer, the ones with the intricate green prints. The set is made up of a soft boiled ‘egg’ which is actually coconut mousse with passion fruit mango mousse as the yolk. The whole thing is encased in a peach coloured chocolate shell. The second component of the Kopitiam set is a Nescafe crème Brulee. However, when I was there, they were fresh out of the Nescafe crème Brulee, so they served me the ‘egg’ only (RM15).

It was amazing! I’ve never seen anything so well crafted. The whole time I was eating it, my mind was really having trouble processing the tastes because it was sweet, coconut-y and slightly sour from the mango passion fruit mousse but the whole set up looked exactly like a runny egg.

I actually like this place a lot, since the experience itself is worth the slightly pricey price tag. If I had a bigger appetite and didn’t feel so full from lunch, I would definitely have tried their Banana Leaf Waffle made up of a vadai waffle, tomato chutney, mint chutney, yoghurt taira, mango Chantilly and a scoop of coconut ice cream (RM25).

Naughty Grandma Drink at Foret Blanc, Petaling Utama Avenue | Kuala Lumpur Best Cafe Review 2018

Finally, I also ordered a beverage called the ‘Naughty Granny’ (RM15) which was really minty and refreshing. Foret Blanc has some light savoury bites including sandwiches, croissants, salads and rice bowls too, for those who want to hang out here but want some ‘real’ food.

Foret Blanc, Petaling Utama Avenue

  • Address: 49G, Jalan PJS 1/50 Petaling Utama Avenue 46150 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
  • Phone+60 12-689 1470
  • Opening Hours: Tuesday - Thursday & Sunday 14:00 - 23: 00, Friday & Saturday 14:00 - Midnight

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