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KL Food Review 2021: Healthy Eating Tastes Great at Agrain

KL Food Review 2021: Healthy Eating Tastes Great at Agrain

Let’s face it, we’ve let a lot slide during this Covid pandemic – I know I have!  But now, we are adjusting to this ‘new normal’ and getting our lives back on track. No more excuses!  And this includes getting back to our health and eating habits.


Personally, I try to eat healthily, but sometimes I am put off by overtly healthy restaurants and food options.   Don’t let this happen to you when trying Agrain. Yes, their mission is healthy food, but it is really tasty with some interesting food combinations to make healthy eating fun.


KL Food Review 2021: Healthy Eating Tastes Great at Agrain - Delivery


Agrain offers a wonderful array of Build Your Own Bowl eating options, to help you enjoy tasty, filling and (dare I say) healthy meal options. You can build a bowl beginning with ‘base’ and then add ‘protein’, ‘supplements’, ‘toppings’ and ‘dressings’.


Preset bowls range from RM13.90 - RM26.90. They offer customizable bowl options as well where you can build your own bowls according to what you want. 


KL Food Review 2021: Healthy Eating Tastes Great at Agrain - In a box


As a ‘base’, cous cous and cauliflower rice are not my favourites but I decided to give it a try, and Agrain made it taste good, particularly the parsley lime cauli-rice.  Both the cauli-rice and pearl barley cous cous, mixed with the various toppings and supplements, were a flavour treat.


When I order again, I would ask for extra sauce. I found the gula Melaka sambal and also the Szechuan Mala sauce quite delightful.  Neither is too spicy, but the flavour of both was great.  I also really enjoyed the chickpea edamame goulash – this was my favourite of the ‘dressings’.


KL Food Review 2021: Healthy Eating Tastes Great at Agrain - Food


As far as ‘proteins’ went – my partner enjoyed the turmeric spice chicken thigh. It was tender and flavorful.  He also fancied the lemon pepper crusted white fish. While on the menu Agrain’s ‘protein’ options lack vegetarian options, however, under ‘supplements’ there are a lot of vegetarian and vegan protein delights, including the thyme shimeji mushrooms, sunny full-baked egg, miso tofu and paprika tempeh.


I am a real lover of eggplant and the kicap eggplant was quite fantastic.  I would definitely order double in my next bowl.  The caramelised pumpkin and masal cauliflower also sound interesting and I want to try them next. 

It is nice that the menu is vegetarian and vegan friendly, with the exceptions being marked as such - instead of the other way around.  I highlight this at the end of my article because I don’t want this to put off other eaters, who sometimes grimace at the word ‘vegetarian’ or ‘vegan’.  Food can still taste great without a lot of meat, but I realise that pushing this can be off-putting for some, causing them to miss some really amazing food experiences.


KL Food Review 2021: Healthy Eating Tastes Great at Agrain - On a plate


Overall, we enjoyed our food experience with Agrain - we appreciated both the flavours and wholesomeness of the dishes.


While Agrain is an online kitchen, they do have outlets around at Bangsar South, Menara Hap Seng, Intermark, Desa Sri Hartamas, Sogo KL and Gardens North Tower. Currently, the Sogo and Gardens outlets are temporarily closed. Their delivery area is limited to 30km from the dispatched outlets, so it seems like they can cover a good part of the Klang Valley.


To order a bowl for delivery, or to find their outlets, visit their website at

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