Illustrious Blacks at The Iron Fairies 10 March 2019

Illustrious Blacks at The Iron Fairies 10 March 2019

The Illustrious Blacks (Manchildblack x Monstah Black) are NeoAfroFuturisticPsychedelicSurrealisticHippys on a mission to save the world one beat at a time and will be performing as part of Wired Music week at The Iron Fairies KL this 10 March 2019.



Once upon a time in a galaxy not far away, there lived two kings. Each was the ruler of his own deliciously glorious planet. The first king, Manchildblack, was well known throughout the cosmos for his ethereal vocals, celestial sonics and earthy musical messages. The other king, Monstah Black, was a star in the solar system for his gravity defying performances, gender bending fashions and spacey disposition. One magical night, an inexplicable ultra magnetic pull forced the two planets to collide. A techni-coloured explosion occurred, turning night into day, with a feast of aural and visual delights. It was then that the universe was changed forever. Manchildblack and Monstah Black united and became The Illustrious Blacks.



With inspiration from artists like Prince, David Bowie, Grace Jones, Boy George and George Clinton, The Illustrious Blacks have arrived with a mission to fuse futuristic funk, hypnotic house and cosmic pop into pulsating positivity for the planet.

In 2017, The Illustrious Blacks released their highly anticipated debut EP, NeoAfroFuturisticPsychedelicSurrealisticHippy, on Concierge Records. The acclaimed duo found even more praise for their epic live shows and DJ sets, which fuse music, dance, theatre and fashion as the ingredients to expand minds, shake bootys and save the world one beat at a time.

Support on the night from Sex Panther (Axel Groove) and JonnyVicious.

Everyone is welcome, and they’ve made it free entry inclusive of a red bull courtesy of Red Bull Malaysia, living the hype life indeed.

THE IRON FAIRIESH-G-06, HIVES, TREC, 438, Jalan Tun Razak, KL  Call 016-221 3612

Pic by Fabian Gomez

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