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Jaya One offers Halloween party vibes with month long slew of events

Jaya One offers Halloween party vibes with month long slew of events

October is here and this means everyone’s excited about Halloween in Kuala Lumpur. Although Trick or Treating isn’t huge in Malaysia, we love every excuse to party anyway. Jaya One is getting in on the Halloween party vibes by offering a month-long slew of events.

Jaya One recently held their Fantastic October launching on October 6th 2019, with all the fanfare you would expect. There were plenty of thrills for visitors, including a magic show, free popcorn and alcohol-free cocktails, as well as performances by a cheerleading squad and a k-pop dance team.

This launch party marks the beginning of three weeks of family-friendly events at The School, as well as promos by the various pubs and eateries surrounding Jaya One’s The Square.

Jaya One Halloween 2019/Jaya One Halloween 2019 Apprentice quest game booth

The Apprentice Quest

The events at The School in Jaya One will happen every weekend from October 5th all the way to October 20th.  Kids can look forward to the Halloween Fun Fair & Games.  The games take the form of a quest called ‘The Apprentice Quest’.

Children below 12 can obtain a pass, in the form of a quest map. This pass allows them to play 8 games at any of the booths provided. Upon completing all 8 games, they can collect a gift bag that includes a 4R photo print, a round trip ticket on the Jaya One Express Train, a mug of Butter Beer and one free magical wand.

Every week, the types of games offered changes, and these include an escape room, witch pot, board games, and science workshops. These science workshops like soap making, mystery pumpkin, moving ghost and catapult will be held on the 12th to 13th October.

On the 19th to 20th October, there will be a petting zoo featuring a Blue Young Lizard, Guinea Pig, hedgehog, Serama chicken, rabbits and more. All throughout the weekends, kids will be able to ride the Jaya One express train and have their photos taken and printed. All events at The School will take place from 11 am to 6 pm every weekend.

Jaya One Halloween 2019/Jaya One Halloween 2019 Food from Three Stooges

Hourly Challenges at The Square

Fun and games aren’t just for kids. There will also be challenges for adult happening at The Square, Jaya One every weekend until October 20th. Every Friday and Saturday evening starting at 7 pm, you’ll be able to participate in competitions like the beer helmet challenge, Dance Dance Revolution, Giant Beer Pong and Viking Beer Challenge.

Winning any of these challenges will allow you to collect gold coins, and every time you get 15 gold coins, you’ll be eligible for a gold ticket. Once you get a gold ticket, you’ll be able to use it to redeem prizes from participating shops in Jaya One. These include Nikon, Epson, Three Stooges Bar, S’Mores, Chulo Restaurant and Tommy Tongchai.

Jaya One Halloween 2019/Jaya One Halloween 2019 Stilt Walker

A Halloween for the Whole Family

October promises to be an exciting time for both kids and adults at Jaya One. You’ll be able to feel the festive atmosphere even if you don’t participate in any of the games and challenges. They’re will be street performers like stilt walkers and plenty of opportunities to take photos with all the Halloween decorations.

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