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Jiro Invites Jenja ft Mamsa 29 March 2019

Jiro Invites Jenja ft Mamsa 29 March 2019

In the first edition of Jiro Invites they’re ecstatic to be having our Nusantara friends from JENJA (Bali) and JENJA JAKARTA in for a special night on 29 March.

Featuring Jenja Bali's main man Mamsa Wijaya aka MAMSA and Jenja Jakarta's resident lady DJ Apsara, they can promise you it'll be a night of energy driven, dance floor shattering tunes.



Mamsa (Jenja Bali), gives you a flavor of the house scene from Bali. Born and bred in Bali, at 15 years old Mamsa Wijaya moved to Australia and US to pursue an education in Hospitality and Sound Engineering. Inspired by the clubbing scene and his passion of music, he soon returned to immerse himself into the clubbing scene in his adoptive city.

In 2000, he purchased his first turntables and began Djing. Two years later he had his own radio show on Radio Plus Bali and started throwing his own events. Most recently Mamsa has been working with new production techniques in order to create a number of his own tracks.



Currently a resident in Jakarta, Japan-born Apsara is a regular at many Indonesia nightclubs. Make sure to catch her ‘After Dark’ radio Show every month at Frisky Radio, where you can hear Apsara share new tracks from underground producers from around the globe. The night also features Jiro residents Injoo Wie, Avinesh Kutty aka KUTTY & Alan_tand.

JIRO KL: 61-1, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, KL: Information and RSVP call 011-3916 9629.

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