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Jiro KL presents Hulkas & Bumber B 17 May 2019

Jiro KL presents Hulkas & Bumber B 17 May 2019

Stutu and Backsounds of Hulkas met more than a decade ago when the electronic club scene was still underground. They were inspired by the music at formidable establishments like The Backroom, Movement, Atmosphere and at countless raves that they attended. Their common passion for dance music led to them picking up Dj-ing, in their bedrooms. As the club scene emerged from the underground, their music spread out from their bedrooms to the dance floors and will be at Jiro KL on 17 May 2019.



MrBacksound’s first break came at Urbanscapes , KLPAC in 2009. He then tore down more dance floors at TAG@Barsonic, Zouk, The Annex, Muse, GT Rave@Sepang, Bakita and Casbah.

Stutu, on the other hand, preferred more intimate venues to hone his skills and has since DJ at countless home and private parties. When the time came to share their music to a bigger crowd, they humorously named their group The Hulkas, as a representation of their Hakka origins. 

Never confined by boundaries, The Hulkas found more interest in Deep House, Techno, Tech House and Progressive With Backsound’s uplifting beats and Stutu’s electic choice of tracks, they have created a unique brand of energetic and non-conforming electro music.



Also featuring: Bumber B

JIRO KL: 61-1, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, KL: Information and RSVP call 011-3916 9629.

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