Jiro KL presents RAW with Bryan Burger 19 October 2018

Jiro KL presents RAW with Bryan Burger 19 October 2018

Jiro KL has one of the scene's mover and shakers on deck duties this 19 October 2018 with none other than Bryan Burger.

Bryan Burger is no stranger to the Malaysian club scene. Burger; as he is nicknamed by many can be labelled easily as one of the most influential DJs in Malaysia, as his legacy has pulsated through clubs for more than a decade and a half and counting.



Burger’s eclectic style cannot be pin pointed into a specific genre as he has built a personality that solely belongs to him only. Deep grooves that trembles within one’s heartbeat, infused with a funky electro baseline, and a prominent hint of a tribal touch which soars through the soul. Burger creates beats that pulsates through and reaches into a heightened frenzy of rapture.

He has also warmed up for the finest International DJs such as Sasha, John Digweed, Nick Warren, and Kevin Saunderson & Goldie, to name a few. He has also played back to back with pioneers of his era DJ Gabriel and Ben Katana. And he runs Excessive Records Pro DJ shop and Royale DJ Academy. His contribution to the Malaysian club scene has phased many as every event he has participated in intrigues the crowd into the hypnotic state of his phenomenal beats.

The man who helped build the scene to what it is today takes over JIRO alongside their favourite residents Injoo Wie and Alan Tand.

JIRO KL: 61-1, Jalan Telawi 3, Bangsar Baru, KL: Admission (with one drink): RM30 after 11pm. Information and RSVP call 011-3916 9629.

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