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Joanne Kam Kam My Way Anniversary Tour hits Kuala Lumpur in September

Joanne Kam Kam My Way Anniversary Tour hits Kuala Lumpur in September

A force of nature and a comedic titan to reckon with, this Queen needs no introduction. Her razor-sharp wit, infectious energy, and uproarious stage presence has earned JOANNE KAM, Malaysia’s undisputed Queen of Comedy accolades across the country and overseas.

This September 8th & 9th, at Jaya one under her banner Kam Productions, the firecracker of quick comebacks and cheeky double entendre, Joanne Kam presents her newest and rumbustious anniversary bonanza - KAM MY WAY. A Journey spanning 30 years in comedy.

A showcase of her incredible life, filled with laughter and tears, super highs and down lows as a female comedian ahead of her time, breaking through every conceivable glass ceiling and making through it all as crowned queen supreme. In short, there’s a whole lot of KAM over the last three decades, sealing the truth irrevocably that the Joanne Kam reign is here to stay.

Writing all new material with class anecdotes, new jokes and select content curated through the years, Joanne believes her best is yet to come. She has only just begun. The show - styled around an autobiographical journey of the Kam eras, from her 20s to the new feisty 50s, is designed to crack up every old fan and make new ones.

Joanne Kam states,” It is a poignant landmark for me to be still doing this at 50, and remembering how I started out in comedy when there were no words to describe how my life would shape up. I started performing stand-up comedy at the Boom Boom Room (BBR) Singapore with the iconic comedian, Kumar, in 2021. Then I moved to KL to open BBR in Kuala Lumpur and Babylon Boom Boom in Penang,” Joanne reminiscences. A timeline during which Joanne exploded onto the comedy scene from where there was no coming back.

Sharing insights into her upcoming celebratory tour, Joanne shares candidly, “This show is special because I will be telling my truth about how I first started in COMEDY. It is also an intimate look into my private life as a young 20-year-old girl navigating life in the world of cabaret, comedy and entertainment, managing as a single mother in the entertainment world without any support, as well as surviving as an artiste through COVID.”

In solidarity with the KAM MY WAY tour, joining hands with the ace comedian are two collaborators, namely Tung Jit Yang (Co-facilitator & workshop) and Gavin Yap (Show Director) committed to designing and creating an experience worth your penny.

Fans are in for a flavourful treat as well with the irrepressible Queen of Comedy and Malaysia’s quirky trendsetting ice-cream brand, Licky Chan collaborating together in the creation of a brand new limited-edition premium ice cream flavour inspired by Joanne Kam. The flavour, soon to hit the country at all Licky Chan’s outlets, will also be available at the Kam My Way shows. What a way to celebrate a queen!! So, join in the ride and let the reign begin.

The Kam My Way Anniversary Tour hits Kuala Lumpur (Sept 8 & 9 at PJLA, Jaya One) at 8:30pm. Tickets are available form RM 68 and can be booked at

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