Hop on Board as Joloko KL Create Caribbean Food Cruise During December

Hop on Board as Joloko KL Create Caribbean Food Cruise During December

Creating a happy environment that revolves around being fun has always been one of JOLOKO's primary aim. Well known now for providing customers with the best of lively Food and Beverage, they also want to create awareness surrounding mental health care as a diligent duty and social responsibility.⁠⁠ 

Through to the end of November, they have partnered with MentCouch Psychology Centre and are offering all JOLOKO customers a special RM100 rate (regular rate is RM 290) per session of psychological & counselling services including screening for depression, anxiety and stress with Syahirah Husna (Counselor) and Shireen Olikh (Clinical Psychologist).⁠⁠ If you, or anyone you know, needs someone to talk to, reach out! Ending the stigma encircling mental health, this is definitely a cause that shouldn’t be taken lightly. ⁠⁠For more information or to book an appointment, you can get in touch with MentCouch by emailing services@mentcouch.com or calling 03-27129372⁠.



and.... if you have missed travelling this year, sampling local specialities are probably one of your favourite things to do when abroad. Don't worry though, as Joloko has created a tropical food exploration featuring an entire lineup of local Caribbean dishes. Hop onboard on "Joloko's Caribbean Food Cruise" throughout December and treat yourself to "the best getaway of 2020"   

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