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One day music collector event to be filled with everything about music at PJPAC

One day music collector event to be filled with everything about music at PJPAC

Kena Sound at Nero Event Space, PJPAC, 6 August 2022 will be a one day event filled with everything about music collecting for the community - from a forum, discussion with notable personalities in the industry and media, trading market, DJs, music selectors, a live auction of rare items and more. 

Whether you’re a music collector looking for a bountiful crate-digging day, or a vinyl connoisseur seeking out rare records and hidden gems, the Kena Sound event at Nero Event Space at PJPAC, 1Utama, Petaling Jaya on 6 August 2022 has something for everyone.

Kena Sound is open to everybody, no matter the age. Young and old music collectors are equally important. The main idea is to recognise the music collector community’s role in keeping the (physical) formats alive despite how much streaming is the norm now,” says Chang OY, one of the members of the Kena Sound Crew, a group of music collecting enthusiasts.

It might be a niche scene, but music collectors, especially vinyl lovers, are still building sizable record collections at home. And we’re not talking about only older music fans here. In the last 10 years, young vinyl collectors here have given the vinyl revival a youthful outlook. Malaysians - no matter the age - still care about physical formats, and Kena Sound is an event to welcome these people,” he adds.

The Kena Sound event has been put together by music collectors for music collectors. It will be presented in a casual setting, with music discussions, pop-up music stalls, record shop storytelling, video screenings, open turntable sessions and more.

A curated list of music vendors and pop-up record shops has also been confirmed for the Kena Sound programme on Aug 6, including Sputnik Rekordz, Crossroad Records, LP Freak Store, Tandang Store, MusicRecords2U, Waste Records, Amused To Death, Peluru Dalam Perahu, Cosmic Rays Comics & Records and more.

Over 60 tables have been booked for Kena Sound, with priority given to a comfortable browsing environment and suitable rest areas at the PJPAC venue, which follows SOP guidelines.

With a good selection of new and used vinyl and a friendly atmosphere, we know music collectors will be making a few rounds to the hall, so we want to make things as comfortable as possible for the visitors and vendors,” says Chang.

On the Kena Sound stage at 3pm, Datuk Kamil Othman, the legendary radio presenter for “The Alternative Rock Show” on the now defunct Time Highway Radio in the 1990s, will be talking about introducing non-mainstream music on the Malaysian airwaves.

For adventurous radio listeners and music lovers in the 1990s, Kamil's radio show played a pivotal role in encouraging and exposing non-mainstream music culture.

Studio Bayangan, an artist-based outfit, is also part of the line-up alongside Tokosue, an independent bookshop in KL, and CultKids, a pop culture artist/designer.

Disko Santan, a Nusantara funk-based deejay outfit, CJ Oli (a cassette tape enthusiast and tape deejay) and Wakmy (a soul disco deejay) are some of the deejay highlights at Kena Sound.

We love and embrace all formats. The purpose of “a record shop experience” at the event is to spotlight music’s once tangible roots, for a generation that may have never purchased physical goods or held a musical recording in their hands. For veteran music collectors, it's a chance to network, take home records … everybody loves a new discovery when it comes to music. We know we do, it's infectious. Music collecting is not just about the individual, it’s about the community spirit,” concludes Chang.

Kena Sound takes place on 6 August at the Nero Event Space, PJPAC, 1 Utama E from 11am - 8pm. Admission is Free. For more info, email, or

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