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Kuala Lumpur Nightife Live Streams Guide: 1 May 2020

Kuala Lumpur Nightife Live Streams Guide: 1 May 2020

From the desktop and homes of Djs, Artistes, Entertainers here's a selection of clubbing sounds, live music, comedy broadcasts from around the Klang Valley and maybe even beyond coming up this weekend 1 May 2020 and beyond for all to virtually enjoy from your desktops and your home. Be Supportive. Be Careful. Be Alert, Be Kind. Stay Safe, Stay Home and Enjoy.

Crackhouse Comedy Club 6th Anniversary Weekend

See Crackhouse Comedy Club Celebrates 6th Anniversary with 2 Special Online Shows

Combat Covd-19 with MERCY Malaysia & Shang Parlour

See Shang Parlour Organises two-week campaign to raise monetary assistance for MERCY Malaysia

WERK – Dress-Up Virtual Event

See Plural Asia WERK Dress-up Virtual Event to Raise Funds in Support of Communities in Need

Pisco Bar Facebook Live Takeover continues.

Quarantine days at home are made livelier with this bunch of amazing talents Pisco Bar's music mischief JonnyVicious has specially curated for your home entertainment tonight, tomorrow and Sunday. Anything from disco to house, to progressive, tech house and techno. Tune in via or visit Pisco Bar Facebook page for details.

Tonight (1 May): 10pm: Stuffa / midnight: Aduti

Tomorrow(2 May): 8pm: Just Ken / 10pm: Mawi / midnight: RAYS

Sunday (3 May): 4pm: JonnyVicious / 7pm: Biscuit


Victor Trixter Presents Soulmazing Virtual 7.0

From midnight 2 May , Soulmazing's Victor Trixter brings you house music with hours good vibes because that's how we should spend our nights. Tune In. or visit 


Can't hit the club, Warner Music Malaysia brings the club to you

Tune in to the exclusive 'Warner & Friends' YouTube live stream every Friday to unwind with the latest beats from some of our local DJs. Every Friday at 9 pm at With Rhinojack, Kashy Kash, DJ Prinze, Jokerz Don't Blinque, Jason Martin. No guestlist or bottle charge needed


The Iron Fairies KL Virtual live nights

From Wednesday to Saturday. Going Virtual Live with various artistes 10 pm each night. Featuring the likes of Gregory Ramanado (Wednesdays) and more. Visit them on their Facebook page


Beta Project hosts the TECHNOLOGUE Isolation Live Stream series

From DJs around Asia over the next week and beyond. Visit for time stream schedules and DJs to be featured.


Unrestricted Stage.

The #UnrestrictedStage is an initiative to bring together Malaysian performers and creatives, to share their art, entertain & educate people who are stuck at home during the #RestrictedMovementOrder Covid-19 measures. Featuring on their DJ Spin Session Virtual Live from 10 pm tonight, Stephanie Cass. You can check in via for all who are performing/presenting featuring the likes of Poova, Elvira Arul, Russell Curtis, Clinton Jerome, Julianna Heng and many more on Saturday and Sunday from noon onwards.


Open Crack & LOL 3nd Edition

LOL Asia and Crackhouse Comedy Club KL host a Virtual Open Mic Comedy Night (For virtually anybody). Free on Wednesdays. 9 pm. Next Wednesday 6 May 2020 sees more than 10 local comedians with special guest Vivek Mahbubani from Hong Kong, Naveed Mahbub from Bangladesh, Sakdiyah from Indonesia and Fairis Osman all the way from Switzerland. The purest form of comedy straight to your living room! It's the perfect stand up show. Sit how you like and where you like - you have a front row seat. The bar is always open or closed - its up to you (it's your home you're watching from). Heckle if you like - they can't hear you. Most importantly come and have a laugh with them as we all figure out what is going on in these crazy times. Visit Crackhouse's Facebook Page for more details.

Crackhouse Comedy Club is also running a separate show where you get to watch HEADLINERS only, and for this, they are accepting proceeds that will go to help serve the underprivileged and covid19 front liners through The Fire Grill and help keep the Crackhouse afloat amidst these uncertain times. Every Friday & Saturday, 4 headline sets. 9-10 pm. Deleted after a week. With the power of the internet comes the ability to host their legendary weekend headliner nights from your home. Bring laughter into your lockdown survival shelter, and enjoy the best of both worlds a fantastic night out with brilliant comedians with the comforts of just lounging at home. Details here and

Plural Asia brings you Plur-All Lockdown Grooves every Tuesday.

Live Sessions from their favourite DJs from 9 pm onwards. Head over to for details and information.


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