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Kuala Lumpur Nightlife Guide 12 May 2021

Kuala Lumpur Nightlife Guide 12 May 2021

MCO goes nationwide again. Arts, live music, theatre and comedy have been pretty much put on hold for the time being. DJs, producers, musicians, artistes either move to or continue from their desktops, homes and studios of KL. Be Supportive. Be careful. Be Alert, Be Kind. Stay Safe and Enjoy. Be mindful of all SOPs in place. Enjoy the music and have a safe week ahead. Wishing everyone Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Fitri.

Stellar Radio with Boris Foong and Ramsey Westwood Wednesdays 10 pm

The NEW official Stellar Radio Website gives you exclusive news about Stellar Radio and trance, progressive, EDM, hardstyle dance music from their studio. You can also catch them at

Brought to you by Malaysian trance maestros Boris Foong & Ramsey Westwood, watch them live on Wednesdays at 10 pm as they present the latest trance, progressive anthems.

Subscribe to Boris Foong's YouTube Channel via and . To watch.

Connect with Boris Foong

Connect with Ramsey Westwood

Listen to previous week's episodes in audio at


Biscuit every Saturday and Tuesday on Essential Clubbers UK

The Sweatbox and Art Xtreme Media's honcho DJ Biscuit features on two weekly live radio shows on Essential Clubbers Radio, a UK-based, worldwide spreading electronic music station, playing underground house and techno and everything in between representing for The Sweatbox collective, who sometimes join her on the airwaves. Essential Clubbers Radio has seen a fast paced growth in the past few months, having gathered over 100 DJs from all over the world under the station's umbrella, playing various genres of electronic music to a worldwide audience.

Saturdays from 1 pm to 4 pm Malaysia Time for the Pajama Show closing up the ECR Frantic Fridays and welcoming the Saturday Smash line up. The Saturday show is geared around deeper, minimalistic sounds.

Tuesdays from 3 pm - 5 pm Malaysia Time. It's Underground Takeover for Tuesdays.

Available to listen on Zeno Radio App/ TuneIn Radio app or the website or visit or for details and information.

Sweatbox Records meanwhile have a new release out on Beatport with the Zero One EP Part 1 by Lauhaus and Mario Franca, who deliver a feet stomping EP combining forces and sharing influences from Amsterdam to Porto, ranging from different musical backgrounds however united through the love of anything house music. You can check out Watch out for Part 2 coming soon as well. Music is also available to listen to on Spotify on the Sweatbox playlist.


Beatmilitia Frequency Radio Show

KL-based house techno collective Beatmilitia have their Frequency Radio Show every Friday. Mix001: Funkayrol, Mix002: Nazarud, Mix003: EJ Missy, Mix004: Roshan, Mix005: Nazreth, Mix006: Erin Khan, Mix007: Mahiya, Mix008: Adib, Mix009: Ta5h. Mix010: Joey G, Mix011: Also Ken, Mix012: Jeneral Kai aka Gabriel, Mix013: Biscuit. Mix014: Ekanan, Mix015: Kuma. Mix016: J-Sun. Mix017: Shammui. Mix018: Rhino. Mix019: Autul. Mix020: Buddha's Mind Trick. Mix021: ANRK. Mix022: Odd b2b Obadius. Mix023: Yorri. Mix024: DJ Mie. Mix025: Phil K Lee. Mix026: Robin. Mix027: Discfunktion. Mix028: Bryan Burger. Mix029: Aldrin. Mix030: Kumaraza.

They have DJ Bernie as the guest headline for this Friday's 30th edition for you. Spinning professionally since 1988, he made himself known as one of KL’s DJs to be reckoned with. It was then when experimentation of house music and soulful garage took place. All this became the foundation of today’s club/dance culture in KL. On the side, due to his passion for “live” jazz, funk and Latin bossa noca, Bernie has collaborated with many local and international jazz musicians on his DJ sets. Bernie with his strong roots in funk, new wave, rock, soul and R&B, Latin Jazz to break beats and hip hop ensures an eclectic musical journey for all dance music lovers.

Head to or for details and more music from the collective. Stay tuned with them on their Mixcloud page for more episodes every Friday.


SaturdaySelects On Air Weekend

A weekly broadcast of Live Streaming sessions and radio shows from the SaturdaySelects HQ featuring our homegrown DJs and selectors from around the world. Expect a variety of sounds from house, techno and disco, to jazz, hip hop and Afrobeats.

SaturdaySelects Radio Show #156, hosted by Roshan and featuring Dave Nunes. Dutch DJ and producer Dave Nunes is here to bring something new, a different sound. He grew up with a lot of soul and blues music and already knew soon that his passion lay here. At 12 he bought his first DJ set and shortly after he started producing his own music. He has created a course in which he distinguishes himself; expect a unique and energetic sound.

Check for links, days of broadcast, timing details and more information.


All their previous SaturdaySelects On Air Livestream shows are available for public streaming. Catch up on live streams you might have missed and tune in to it at your own leisure. Check out and for details and playlists and music.

On the label front SaturdaySelects next release comes in the form of the Take Two EP from Philippines based producer Marco Pedro. Inspired by the sounds of the favela, Marco collaborates with his fellow label mates and friends on 3 Bailefunk driven remixes. The first single off the EP is Baile De Calavera in collaboration with Dutch producer Soulely! You can find out more details from SaturdaySelects Soundcloud and Instagram.

Special this May 15-16, you can check out SaturdaySelects appearance on India's Boxout.FM's Covid19 fundraiser. More details on


VOIDREALM Podcast Wednesday

Kuala Lumpur Electronic Music Collective Voidrealm have been on a weekly podcast trail for months now on Soundcloud, with previous casts featuring the likes of Polygonia, Nazreth, ADUTI, Autul, Odd, Halim Ardie, Kubika, Jota Karloza, Alam, Funkayrol, Ody Dozz, Otherkind, Versailles, Mawiewowie and more.

This week features Edward Bei from Portugal. Edward Bei is a musically attuned voyager, keenly exploring dimensions between Ambient and Techno music. He incorporates the various sounds of nature; rain dripping steadily, the yielding flow of water down a stream, and the wind rustling the leaves of a tree. His sound is minimalistic and has a simplicity in its core that creates an atmosphere of calmness.

You can visit their Soundcloud page for links, more information and updates. Also at and


Jason Martin Experience Wednesday and Saturday

Wednesdays from JME - Music videos live stream from 11pm. You can visit and for the live stream - Joining him tonight will be Reverand and DJ Mark with their flavour.

There's also Wednesday Retro Retro special at 8pm from Francis Koh and Jazzie Jay to party over at

On Saturday – JME and friends will be on air on live stream via Mixcloud Live and Facebook every Saturday 10pm onwards mixing retro, R&B and commercial mixes via / .


Funky Grooves Friday Night Party with Reverand and Desash

Join Reverand and DJ Mark and friends at 9 pm every Friday for Funky Friday Grooves with the best of music videos and dance music, past and present. More of a Modesto Bangsar Pre-Union styled Party from DJ Reverand and Desah this Friday. All this is live streamed online, click this link - and enjoy the music from your home. Visit for more information.


Thursday Latin Salsa with Jinggo Bilboa (Live Stream)

Support online LIVE Streams during this pandemic. Enjoy Jinggo's collection of Latin, salsa, Bachata and muchas more in a two hour hours set with the best graphics and sound. 9 pm (MYT) this Thursday. Free over at


Fly Five-O with Simon Lee & Alvin every Saturday on Fly FM

Prepare to go on a journey of sensational electronic dance music as Fly FM serves up the hottest beats and wicked remixes that will get you dancing wherever you’re tuned in! Simon Lee & Alvin hit the decks with a weekly mix featuring the latest and greatest in trance, progressive, house, and electro. 8 pm onwards. Check them out, they've been hosting this Saturday show on (and on 95.8FM Radio) for well over a decade now, the legends.


Karen Nunis Blackstone on Where Else Live Sunday 16 May 2021

Karen Nunis Blackstone is a blues, jazz and soul singer; as well as a songwriter and fine artist of long standing. Now back in Malaysia after many years in Japan, Singapore and the US, where she sang in various collaborative efforts and exhibited her artworks. The music she writes and sings fuses the idioms of blues and jazz, blending soulful world music overtones. Karen has played in various music festivals in Japan, as well as the Mosaic Festival and Kinesthesia in Singapore; and the“Langkawi Blues Festival”.

You will definitely enjoy your Sunday night by aiding your lack of live bands-watching experience during this MCO with Where Else Live. Watch Karen this Sunday 16 May 2021 at 9 PM. Visit for more details and information.


Gerard Singh Live

If you miss watching live performances at your favourite bar/club as much as a musician, singer-songwriter Gerard Singh misses performing, you can join him on SESSIONS LIVE Livestream where he performs covers, requests and his own originals.

Visit him on Facebook to find out when he's on.

You can subscribe to him via / /


Raggy Singh Live

Well-crafted songs, iconic classics and originals. Visit his Live music stream and enjoy a repertoire he's gathered over 40 years of performing. He'll tell you some stories that's for sure, as he performs daily at 110pm. The link will show his schedule at your local time. You can subscribe to him via


Muzza Live from home and more

Muzza - composer, songwriter, guitarist and vocalist. Live from his home, mostly on Fridays and Sundays and in conjunction with Music Bliss and others. Keep up to date with his performance schedule and other updates here at Muzza's Page:


Shahrin Live from Rave Workz Friday 14 May 2021

Guitarist singer composer arranger Sharin Live from Rave Workz Studio Friday, 14 May 2021. 8pm onwards for a personal musical performance from the man who has, over the past 30 years performing all across Malaysia, played with Headwind, Sweet Child, Man Bai, Hard Guns, Booty Boys and played for many local artistes such as Adibah Nor, Khatijah Ibrahim, Kid Search, Nash Lefthanded, Syafinaz, Deana Yusoff many more. Visit for information.


Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra

The MPO welcomes you back to Dewan Filharmonik PETRONAS. But as it's been put on hold for now, you can catch and watch past and special performances over on their MPO TV at

Movement CTRL Live Stream with Nahsyk

New mid week live stream that has just begun with KL-based Nahsyk on the stream. Expect a guest every week. Wednesday nights on . Visit for more details.


The Plandemic DJ Jam Live Stream Friday night

Check out the cool video mixing live on Mixcloud brought to by ADT Green Studio from various weekly guests, Fridays from 8 pm onwards. Please follow on ADT Green Studio Facebook Page ADT Green Studio Facebook Page for updates. Watch live at


WeDJsLive Live Streaming Platform for DJs

Wedjslive on Saturdays 9 pm to 12 am. Tune in to their youTube Channel WeDjs Live.

You can check WeDJsLive on for details and links to other live stream shows on weekends and more.


Kyo KL Mix Series

Kyo KL DJ mix series featuring various local DJs in the mix. Traverse the multi-genres of electronic music and hip-hop with an audio voyage of studio mixes, each curated by a select group of artists primarily based in Malaysia, the home of Kyo. Strap in. Plug in. Get lost in it. With mixes from the likes of Terence C, Simon Lee & Alvin, Autul, OtherKind and Roshan, DJ PERI, Daaliah, EJ Missy, Leonard Sinclair, Kooler, Nazreth, Funkayrol, J-Sun, DJ Odd, DJ Starsha, DJ Biscuit, Rays of Avatara, Ed Dix. Check out or visit for more information.


Lost In A Daydream Summer Sounds

Kuala Lumpur's Lost In A Daydream Summer Sounds weekly mixtape show that will showcase all talents and W Kuala Lumpur residents music mix tapes for you to enjoy in support of digital content for music. With mixes from the likes of Victor G, Roshan, Phil K. Lee, LFS, Robotron5000, Meliha, Zaskar, Josh Butler, Choobs, Victor Trixter, Ben Rau, Terence C, Miss SS, Sivanesh.

There's also Radio Therapy Sessions, from the likes of Apsara, Anja Schneider, Jungle Jerry, Alam, Damian Saint. Check out for music details.


Zouk Genting continues to bring entertainment to people’s homes during the MCO

See Check out Zouk Genting's Facebook page for more details.

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