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Kuantum 6-hour live Stream to showcase Kuala Lumpur's visual & electronic music artists

Kuantum 6-hour live Stream to showcase Kuala Lumpur's visual & electronic music artists

Kuantum's Silau Maya (Digital Show)'s upcoming 6-hour live digital show will showcase a beautiful collaboration between visual and electronic music artists based in Kuala Lumpur.

Happening online this Saturday 12 December 2020 from 5 pm, the line up features electronic music artists XU, Rimka, Odd, Ed Dix, Roshan and Seni Tiba Tiba

Visual artists featured are Syed, NeroOne, Vuevossa, Tsa Meera and Prakasa and Azarikh.

Silau Maya is a virtual audiovisual art showcase platform designed to provide the opportunity for musicians, DJ's and visual artists to come together and perform within limitations of a physical show.



This is the second Kuantum event this year, the first being one of the few live events that just about managed to go ahead during the earlier RMCO period in Malaysia back in September at REX KL.

However, with the current CMCO still ongoing in the Klang Valley, they're heading online for this Saturday's show. We catch up with the fledgeling Kuantum collective to find out how they're coping during this period.

Since the first Kuantum live event some months ago at Rex KL, how have you all been coping?

It was the first time working as a collective for all of us and it was a very productive and awesome experience, and Kuantum became a brand after that. We felt comfortable working as a team and immediately we made plans for this year and the future by planning to recce for venues in Penang and KKB (Kuala Kubu Baru) with more coming up soon.

Tell us about this coming weekend's event Kuantum presents Silau Maya? What has been the inspiration and aim behind organising this? 

Well, we actually miss doing physical events and this year it's super difficult for us to express our creative ideas physically. Also, we have been sharing with other artists and they had the same thought and sadness to not be able to express their creative works and not having enough platforms to enable it. So we thought, let's just collaborate together and create another world where we can fully express ourselves in there.


How have the preparations been? How have you selected the artistes both electronic and visual, What can we expect to see and hear? 

Yes, we hand picked our DJ’s, VJ's and live acts artists which consist of new comers and experience artists. The preparations have been smooth so far with very minor hiccups which we manage to solve. You can expect to see a mind-blowing audio visuals show and it will turn your world upside down, get ready!

Who is involved in this production?

Kuantum, EDT, Filamen, Voidrealm, Sharemindvisuals

What plans from now on for you? What can we expect from you coming up for the rest of the year, and into next year? 

We are preparing programs that are beyond your wildest imagination.

How do you feel about how the CMCO/RMCO is progressing with regards to the music industry in Malaysia as a whole?

Since March of this year, clubs and event venues have closed their doors because of COVID-19 till today. All artists, event organisers, technicians, event crews and more, have been abandoned to survive on their own. With no avenue to express and showcase their artistic work, all that we live for and love cannot be passed on to our audience and society. Everyone is affected by this crisis, but no other sector is hit as hard as art and culture. We were the first to put everything down and we will be the last to work again without restrictions - at the moment without a perspective and with little support.

For this year, it has been a learning process for all of us. With this event, we want to create awareness in society for the current situation of our art and cultural scene. We hope for your support and understanding for the artists and cultural creators involved; we want to make them visible and show them appreciation.

Once there were artists to entertain you. But today, the artists need you.

Organised by Kuantum, produced by Filamen and EDT, powered by Arvena, with partners Shared Mind Visuals & Kuantum, beverage partner Swiggit and supported by MANA.

Tune in to witness the vividly meaningful and soulfully elaborate sensory experience right in the comfort of your home this Saturday 12 December 2020. Online Ticket: RM 25 (Inc. 10% OFF from Swiggit). Set time: 17:00 – 23:00.

Ticket link:

Visit their Facebook event page for artist details and more information:

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