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Laid back luxury at rooftop bar The Lido

Laid back luxury at rooftop bar The Lido

There are many great rooftop bars in Kuala Lumpur’s nightlife scene but the newly opened Lido at the Alila Bangsar may just have hit upon the perfect recipe for a fantastic night out. Capitalising on its position at the edge of Brickfields with views of the glistening highrise cityscape, the greenery of the Botanical Gardens and the low lying Bangsar area, this rooftop bar, spread over 3 floors from the 42nd to the 44th, offers stunning sights in a relaxed atmosphere.

View at the Laid back luxury at Bangsar rooftop bar The Lido

And then there are the cocktails. Under the guidance of the Pacific Standard bar’s Ruben Anandha, the drinks are the real star of the show here. With a new Lido specific menu offering up refreshing tonics, fruity cocktails and a wide range of other drinks, no matter what you thirst for, Ruben and his team can cater for you.

The stunning looking Winged Migration cocktail was my first port of call and boy does it pack a punch! Created from the Lido’s own Jungle Bird dark rum, Campari, pineapple juice, lime juice, house-made cinnamon cordial and firewater, the drink is colourfully dressed like an exotic bird. The chilli kick from the firewater and the cinnamon undertones make this a great post-dinner drink as you watch the sun sink below the city’s horizon.

Winged Migration cocktail at Laid back luxury at Bangsar rooftop bar The Lido

Another favourite for me is the Watermelon Cooler which combines vodka, fresh watermelon and lime juice with their bespoke ginger cordial and soda water. This is a perfect balance of the freshness of watermelon and lime with the spice of the ginger and I could drink this concoction all night while lounging around on the middle deck or soaking in the view from the 360º top deck.

Whilst the Pacific Standard on the 41st floor focusses on stunning Californian style cocktails, the Lido captures the definition of its name by offering drinks you could easily sip by a pool or on a beach as you move from sunbathing to moon worshipping, in the form of thirst-quenching spritzers, tonics and sodas.

With their prosecco based drinks like the Aperol and St Germain Spritzers, the Lido offers a flavour of a glamorous Italian Riviera yacht party on a roof in Kuala Lumpur. The fruity flavours of the Aperol liqueur mixed with Prosecco and soda water are the classic spritzer while the elderflower undertones in the St Germain spritz also works beautifully with the sparkling Italian wine.

cocktail at Laid back luxury at Bangsar rooftop bar The Lido

Sip on a Coconut, Paloma Tonic or non-alcoholic Spice Island soda to transport yourself to a tropical beach. The Paloma marries tequila harmoniously with fresh grapefruit and lime juice, ginger liqueur, Aperol and grapefruit tonic whilst best friends rum and coconut find a home in the Coconut tonic alongside fresh lime and tonic water. Meanwhile, the Spice Island soda shows that no alcohol doesn’t mean no fun as it partners fresh lime, spiced cordial and ginger beer to stunning effect.

As they continue to develop their menu at the Lido, they intend to offer prosecco based punch bowls in the near future and I have no doubt the combinations will be as stunning as the surroundings. Open in the evenings at 6 pm from Friday to Sunday, the newest offering from the Platform Hospitality group is a great choice if you are looking for a chilled out but upmarket venue for a gathering of friends or a sophisticated after work drink with colleagues.

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