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Le Noir KL Roof 20-21 July 2018

Le Noir KL Roof 20-21 July 2018

Le Noir KL continues it's rooftop vibes this weekend (20 & 21 July) at Trec with Fridays Tales of the Terrace featuring the Connected Niall F, Anthony J and Rob G Team whilst Saturday welcomes Dora, Meliha and Injoo Wie for Sing it black.

Le Noir KL presents Tales of the Terrace Fridays on the roof with house music and eclectic from Connected ft Niall F, Anthony J and Rob G on 20 July 2018

Music has always played a pivotal role in Niall F’s life and it’s easy to see how his musical journey has rubbed off in his sets today as a regular of the KL underground scene. Growing up in Scotland, between Aberdeen and Glasgow, Niall played piano and trombone as a kid and started DJing at the age of 16.

It wasn’t until he moved to London as a 19-year-old in 1988 that his passion for Indie and early dance emerged, doing the rounds at the local record shop on King’s Road and falling in love with the Happy Mondays, Stone Roses and Inspiral Carpets, to name a few.



And it was a landmark performance of English record producer and trance DJ Paul Oakenfold as opening act for the Mondays — the first time Niall had seen a DJ open before a band — and Oakenfold’s remix of Happy Mondays’ WFL in 1989, that fuelled is fire for a new kind of dance music.

More recently, it’s been Kuala Lumpur DJ’s Obadius and Terence C. Of course, there’s also his memories of raving in Glasgow and across the world, which have left an imprint on his live sets.

The formula is simple for Niall F. Reproduce, recreate and share those amazing experiences that have shaped his memories and music, though the sets he plays and events he hosts today.

Be sure to check out Niall F and his melodic progressive house, melodic techno and deep house tunes.

Anthony J refuses to fall into a singular category, taking his musical influences from many different sources and incorporating them into his infectious DJ sets by forging a perfect balance of electronica, house and his beloved techno.

In 1999, Anthony J discovered the power of electronic music during an underground rave on a cold Canadian winter’s night. His successful professional career gave him the opportunity to travel around the world, continuing to experience the beauty of the underground scene and in 2007 he finally had a chance to start his spinning journey. He’s never looked back. 

Beat matching by ear. This is how his DJ education started in 2007 with DJ Fuzz, a renowned hip-hop DJ in Kuala Lumpur. Two years later, he found himself Cairo and integrated with the DJ community there, continuing to practice, grow and expand as a DJ.



After returning to KL in late 2012, he quickly re-connected with the local DJ community and by utilizing his skill, passion and unique sound he found himself regularly behind the decks.

In addition to his regular gigs, he’s teamed up with UK locals Niall F and Dr.G to form “Connected”, a collective committed to bringing together local, regional and international DJ's/Producers and highlighting their talent to the music lovers of KL. On rare occasion Anthony J can be found playing a deep melodic B2B after hour sets with the one and only Obadius.

Connected would not be complete without the energy, vision and industry nous of Australia’s Rob G aka Hijack. Rob G has been involved in the scene for over 20 years. First, growing up in Adelaide and then forging a successful career in the hospitality industry in Sydney, Rob G has seen it all when it comes to music, festivals and live DJ performances.

With his deep driving, techno and tech house brand of music, he brings an energy and enthusiasm that carries into his live performances.



His mission of “amazing things, with amazing people” rings true in everything he does; nothing more so than when it comes to music and DJing with the connected crew and they people they play with. Connected is committed to doing exactly that; be the platform for bringing like-minded people from Malaysia and around the region to share, indulge and express themselves in ways that will enliven the experience of other people

Click 'Going' on the Facebook event page for free entry before 1am or RM40 at the door (Includes 1 free drink and access to the roof and club).

Le Noir KL presents Sing It Black Saturdays on the Roof with house music from Dora, Meliha and Injoo Wie 21 July 2018.

Born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Dora started performing and playing at a young age with a manifold of music instruments. Besides her passion for performing, she discovered her passion for being a disc jockey performing in Kuala Lumpur's multifaceted nightlife compiling a variety of styles and tunes in dance music ambiences of groovy, deep house, tech house as well as techno.



Dora has warmed up the crowds for practically every pioneer DJ in Malaysia and there are more events to come in which she will be creating the perfect atmosphere with her night grooves for people from all over the world to enjoy.

Meliha is taking Asia by storm with her selection of sexy dancefloor teasers. A curious one for music, her fingers seem to be the pulse of just about everything. Heavily influenced by the sounds of deep tech and techno, this songbird delivers her sets with an intricately detailed flow. Her picks are playful, surprising and melodious.



Meliha is not only redefining her sound limits, however as a complete musician- singer, DJ and performer, she has been busy in the studio with her “Lone Ranger” EP just out on Soul De Anima, one of Asia’s leading record labels. She has also just released her second record on Anjunadeep, the world’s largest dance music label, and releases on the fledgling Sweatbox Records.

INJOO WiE is an artiste with no boundaries of music. She speaks a different language of music where instead of drawing a boundary between different type of music, she found the beauty in each of them and combined them into a beautiful language.



Through her vast knowledge of different types of music, she has produced her own style of music. She then realized her true passion in being a DJ/Producer lies within disco, house, synthpop and French electronic. As her knowledge in dark music grows deeper, she wants to stand on the deck and reveal the dark aura which is buried deep inside various venues.

Click 'Going' on the Facebook event page for free entry before 1am or RM40 at the door (Includes 1 free drink and access to the roof and club).

LE NOIR KL: Unit H-G-07, The Hive, TREC, Lot 435, Jalan Tun Razak, KL: Roof terrace opens at 5pm. To reserve your spot: Book online: Email: / Phone/WhatsApp: 012-224 5416. Valet parking available.

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