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Le Noir KL Roof Weekend 21-22 December 2018

Le Noir KL Roof Weekend 21-22 December 2018

Le Noir KL's weekend on the roof shows some Tales of the Terrace love tonight 21 December 2018 with Circuitbreaker and DJ Kuma. Circuitbreaker started his passion for music in the late 80s with a love of early electro, then moving through genres such as acid house, techno, breakbeat and deep house.

With a music collection that literally spans decades, his sets truly demonstrate the often clichéd ‘journey’, playing the latest rockin’ tunes, hypnotising bass lines, undiscovered gems and some pure grin inducing hands in the air classics. Kuma is recognised as one of the regions’ most influential figures in the electronic dance music genre.



Saturday night, it’s Sing It Black Saturdays with Groovedoctor and Radio Rental. With a pedigree that stretches back almost three decades, the Groovedoctor has played a seminal role in the development of club culture and the underground electronic dance music scene in Malaysia. Groovy, pumping, tough and techy are his choice beats across a broad range of styles.



Radio Rental is a London born DJ/Producer with a wealth of experience and many years undertaken in the game. With a decade producing and 15 years spinning in the clubs, he is a man that has carefully fine-tuned his skills to a place now where he is fully confident in whatever aspect of the industry he turns to.           

LE NOIR KL: Unit H-G-07, The Hive, TREC, Lot 435, Jalan Tun Razak, KL: Roof terrace opens at 5pm. Free entry until 1am, thereafter RM40 (with one drink). To reserve your spot: Book online: Email: / Phone/WhatsApp: 012-224 5416.

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