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Live Fact presents: The Devils & Libido (JP) Asia Tour 16 August 2019

Live Fact presents: The Devils & Libido (JP) Asia Tour 16 August 2019

Formed in July 2015, The Devils & Libido are an alternative noise core two-piece band from Tokyo, Japan have been playing in venues and festivals in all around Asia. Their music is new and fresh to your ears, and their performance is surprising too with Taira (bass) and Ken (drums).



A bass player is known for his huge microphone lookalike hairstyle, while the drummer possess a gorgeous feminine look; their appearance alone will capture your eyeballs. The bass player uses loads of effects, and 3 big speakers, which will make 300 different kind of bass sounds. Whilst the drummer is also a fantastic character. From afar, you might be mistaken he's a hot female drummer, but after the show, when he takes off his wig, you find a handsome buddy with sharp looking features. The way their outlook changes are absolutely shocking and surprising, as pleasant and interesting as their music.

The Devils & Libido (JP) Asia Tour Live hits Live Fact KL this 16 August 2019 with Crack Guilty, Lara Hassan and The V as support.

LIVE FACT: No. 6-2 & M, Jalan PJU 5/21, The Strand Kota Damansara, PJ: Pre-Sale: RM30 / Door: RM50. Call 012-377 8558 / e-mail

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