Malaysian theatre company Liver&Lung revives Frankenstein for the digital age

Malaysian theatre company Liver&Lung revives Frankenstein for the digital age


The musical will be staged over two weekends in November: from 14th to 17th, and 21st to 24th (Thursdays through Sundays) at GMBB, a creative retail hub in Bukit Bintang.

Liver&Lung’s Frankenstein 2039 is set in a dystopian San Francisco and portrays Victor Frankenstein as an ex-Facebook employee who is dismissed for abusing user data. Victor embarks on an unorthodox technological experiment in a bid to create the perfect humanoid. But will Victor's technology act according to plan or will human nature prevail?

“There is a reason why we are still reading Frankenstein 200 years after it’s first publication. Questions around the limitations of scientific technology, what it means to be human and the pursuit of good over evil bear increasing significance as we enter the fourth technological revolution,” said Hannah Shields, co-founder of Liver&Lung and writer of the adaptation.



Frankenstein 2039 is Frankenstein reimagined for a digitally native audience,” said Shafeeq Shajahan, also co-founder of Liver&Lung. For the first time in Malaysia, audiences will take part in a technologically interactive experience, as Victor demonstrates his technology to various ‘netizens’ of the dark-web. Audiences will be invited to participate at various points in the ‘experiment’ via a bespoke interface, giving them the opportunity to make decisions that impact the story and explore the mysteries of a technology that knows no bounds.

Shafeeq, also the composer of the musical, adds, “We are collaborating with local music producers to make sure that Frankenstein 2039  features a terrifying sound. We aim to use gothic musical motifs and reinvent them with a cyberpunk beat to heighten the ‘digital’ terror of the piece.”

With a run-time of 1.5 hours, Frankenstein 2039 features Shafeeq Shajahan who plays Victor Frankenstein and Hannah Shields who takes the role of The Creature.

“We are encouraging everyone who comes to see Frankenstein 2039 to dress like it’s 2039, in their best futuristic attire. Food will be served. It’s going to be a uniquely frightening experience. Malaysians love horror and we promise that Frankenstein 2039 will deliver!” declared Shafeeq.

GMBB, 2 Jalan Robertson, Kuala lumpur, Malaysia14th to 17th , 21st to 24th November, 8pm, RM70.00. Call +6010 402 9323 (whatsapp preferred) or

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