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Malaya Disco Party at Under9 9 March 2018

Malaya Disco Party at Under9 9 March 2018

Under9 KL returns after a short hiatus with a bang, and after last weekend’s Ronggeng Sound System comes this Friday’s Malaya Disco Party with guest DJ Lucy from China/Taiwan.

Murphy Kin a.k.a DJ Lucy moved to Shanghai from Taiwan and started DJing in 2000. He's now a music director at Lost Heaven on The Bund (Shanghai), however, you can find him playing all over East Asia, namely HK, Bangkok and Melbourne. DJ Lucy runs Ting Ting Disco back in Shanghai a DJ movement playing deep disco, italo disco, space disco, boogie and cosmic funk. Although having the core of his set to be disco, DJ Lucy believes that a DJ set must be arranged in such a way, Just like a movie, the audience needs to feel different music styles across the night. DJ Murphy is on a SEA tour with Jakarta being the previous stop and Bangkok the next.

Malaya Disco Party regulars and founders in the house:
Roshan is the co-Founder of SaturdaySelects; a music collective, platform and record label based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Roshan is driven by the different genres from around the world including Latin, disco, hip-hop and house music. SaturdaySelects is a collective, platform and record label that consists of creatives & musicians from around the Southeast Asian region. The platform aims to provide an outlet for emerging artists to a wider audience in a progressive and growing music industry around the world, and it maintains its presence through its social pages, weekly mixes and playlists, and its curated events. SaturdaySelects looks to inspire more young artists to produce music they love and ultimately, to create an environment and an audience that consistently supports new talents.

Lionel Rizki has always been immersed in the local music scene, starting out as a roadie, a music photographer, a VJ and now a DJ! As a selector, his favoured sound is a range of disco and electronic sounds with groovy beats, horns and synths from the late 70s that is guaranteed to get the dance floor down to boogie. As a Japanophile, audiences are often treated to the odd city pop single, Shibuya kei track and event themes from recent Nippon productions. Expect Indonesian disco to be included in his selections inspired by his recent rediscovery of his hometown.

He is also the head of Marketing and PR for SaturdaySelects, a collective, platform and record label that consists of creatives & musicians from around the world and a member of Public School, focusing on leftfield music which is deemed unacceptable to be played at clubs.

UNDER9: Bangunan Ming Annexe, 9, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur : Admission: RM20.

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