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Malaya Disco Party at Under9 KL, 27 July 2018

Malaya Disco Party at Under9 KL, 27 July 2018

A special Malaya Disco Party takes place at basement club Under9 KL this Friday 27 July with Lionel Rizki, Dizkopolis and Analog K (Live Modular Set).

Analog K: Analog K is a producer and a musician based in Malaysia. He considers himself an introvert, living in a spaceship (studio), pushing to the furthest corners in his music trying to achieve a futuristic sound. His love towards analogue gears came from his constant tinkering with synthesizers and Modular has driven him to finding his signature sound and style with the help of his knowledge of musical composition, ranging from classical to modern and inspiration such as Kraftwerk and Soulwax.


In 2011, he was signed to an independent label called Pixelated Waves with his two singles “Night Drive” and “For All”. Analog K also has worked on remixes with various artists such as Ali Aiman (MY), HMGNC (ID), Enterprise (MY) and +2dB (MY). Besides that he has also collaborated with artists such as Leo Ari (MY), Anamida (MY), Dizkopolis (MY) and Satarra (US). Currently, Analog K is based in Kuala Lumpur and has played various shows with his unique modular setup. He is currently working on remixes and a secret live AV project for his upcoming show.

Dizkopolis: Dizkopolis is a music production and DJ duo, based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, composed of Ah- mad Taufiq & Adi Ridhwan. The duo formed back in 2010 and got their first break in2012, when they emerged as the winner of Astro Hitz – The Music Video Grant with their first original single "Class of '91". They continued making remixes for fellow Malaysian acts (Zee Avi, They Will Kill Us All, Killeur Calculatuer, OJ Law, Pastel Lite, Ze! & Enterprise) in purpose of experimenting their signature sound, taking major influences from a plethora of music (disco, funk, jazz, neo-soul, house, techno, rock’n’roll).



After almost a four-year hiatus from music, the duo returned in 2017 by competing in, AND WINNING a global remix competition held by French record and fashion label Kitsuné.  The remix was released digitally on Kitsuné in the compilation "Hold On Let Go (Remixes)" alongside international acts Pat Lok, JNTHN STEIN, Crackazat, Potatohead People, Pages, Fabich and COHN. As of now, they're currently in the midst of finishing their singles for an upcoming debut album which will be released by the end of the 2018, featuring collaborations with other Malaysian artists such as Noh Salleh, Froya and more. Re-contextualising the golden age of house music, the duo is at the forefront of the latest French Touch wave in Malaysia.

Lionel Rizki: Lionel Rizki has always been immersed into the local music scene, starting out as a roadie, a music photographer, a VJ and now a DJ. As a selector, his favoured sound is a range of disco and electronic sounds with groovy beats, horns and synths from the late 70s that’s guaranteed to get the dance floor down to boogie. As a Japanophile, audiences are often treated to the odd city pop single, Shibuya kei track and event themes from recent Nippon productions. Expect Indonesian disco to be included into his selections inspired by his recent rediscovery of his hometown. He is also the head of Marketing and PR for SaturdaySelects, a collective, platform and record label that consists of creatives and musicians from around the world and a member of Public School, focusing on leftfield music which are deemed unacceptable to be played at clubs.


UNDER9: Bangunan Ming Annexe, 9, Jalan Ampang, KL: Entry is RM15 all night.

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