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Malaysia's first all-immersive, interactive drive-in experience kicks off in October with Pepsi

Malaysia's first all-immersive, interactive drive-in experience kicks off in October with Pepsi

The Livescape Group partnering with HITMAN Solutions have just announced Malaysia's first all-immersive, interactive drive-in experience.

Aptly named the ​ICE​BOX (​In-​Car Experience), expect various themed drives, theatrical stories and unexpected immersive pop-up surprises along the way, all from the comfort of your car.

The exciting first edition bravely brought to you by Pepsi is set to bring an all-immersive experience to you this November. The multiple day event will take place daily for two weeks, starting from the 11th of November.  (update this has been postponed until further notice due to the extension of CMCO (Conditional Movement Control Order.)



Infamous for unnamed mysteries and stories that haunt generations, this spooky edition of ICEBOX will drive you along a journey of unavoidable scares and thrills in a fully enclosed LED pod with live theatrical actors to get the audience to literally jump off their seats, so expect ICEBOX to provide a fresh take on the in-car experience with this drive-in during the peak season for ghost movies and scare-tainment as well as horror themed events.

With KARAK being the first edition of ICEBOX, Pepsi is stepping up to present a test of fearlessness through a first of its kind drive-in experience with a spooky theme. The covid conscious drive-in aims to fill the void of Halloween celebrations this year and new dates have been added from 11 November - 22 November.

More details have been disclosed about the secretive experience, revealing the venue to be The MarqE @ Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The standout location can be seen from a mile away and is wedged between Mandarin Oriental Hotel and Suria KLCC.


More themed drive-ins will be taking place throughout the year, with different genres to cater to different audiences. For more information and to sign up for the waiting list, head to​.

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