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Ohrwurm KL Welcomes First Regional Guest for Micasa Sucasa

Ohrwurm KL Welcomes First Regional Guest for Micasa Sucasa

Ohrwurm are to present their first regional guest for Micasa Sucasa! Hailing from Jakarta they are honoured to have Ecilo join them for Micasa Sucasa E03 this  Saturday 6 March 2021 from 9 pm (MYT).

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This is the first of the concept Ohwurm are doing where they will feature a regional guest who will Livestream from their own country together with a local warmup who will film from here.

Spending the past few years honing his sound and technique, Ecilo, a key figure in the Jakarta scene, has gained his position from his genre bending and jubilant electronic music productions and laying down solid freight train DJ sets around the globe.



Born Reza Putra Andana, Ecilo is the product of a vast internal landscape where he roves freely in search of inspiration. Just as his alloyed Bugis-West Java background has grown him a strong backbone of musical independence, so too has his love for black music and sci-fi soundtrack been distilled into futuristic interpretations of JKT techno.

His effortless straddling of experimental eclecticism and 4x4 beat mastery helped Ecilo to early on catch the eye of Big Labels such as Planet Rhythm, ARTS and many more. Ecilo's originality and craftsmanship has earned him some hits that got played by big DJ's such as Ben Sims, Alan Fitzpatrick, Mark Farina, Dave Clarke and many more. He's also a Music Director and resident DJ for Kilo Jakarta.

Ohwrwurm's Alam will be providing the warm up for the night. 9pm-12am (GMT+8) KL time / 8pm-11pm (GMT+7) Jakarta time

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