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Micasa Sucasa returns to the live stream with third regional guest MA HAIPING

Micasa Sucasa returns to the live stream with third regional guest MA HAIPING

Kuala Lumpur's long established underground club night Ohrwurm is all set to feature one of the most influential electronic musicians in China on 14 August, Ma Haiping aka MHP,  with warm up duties on the day provided by Sweatbox's Otherkind.

Hailing from Shanghai, techno producer and DJ Ma Haiping began to listen to electronic music on radio in the 90s. Around 2000, when he was 19, he began to make industrial and experimental music. A few years later, he was triggered by stories of Underground Resistance and Drexciya then started making techno, influenced by Jeff Mills' futuristic sci-fi aesthetics.

By 2013, he released the EP The Chinese Connection on the Scan 7 label Cratesavers International, which made him the first Chinese producer to release techno music in techno birthplace Detroit. In year 2015. He released the EP Crepuscular Rays on the Orlando Voorn’s label Nightvision. Two more albums followed, In 2016 and 2020, Folding Traces (D- Force Records) and Lost Frontier (Taihe Records) in China.



He won the Abilu Music Award for three times from 2014-2017. In 2018, he participated in Tencent variety show RAVE. He has cooperated in many works with Jane Zhang, Akini Jing, Qian Zhenghao and other artists. In 2021, the chang'e-4 EP was released in world' top techno label Axis records.

Ma has participated in every important moment of Chinese underground club since 2000, and grew up with China's electronic music culture. Since 2004, he has been participating in legendary parties such as Antidote and VOID, and opened the curtain for the Chinese underground techno party culture. He once performed with Juan Atkins, Robert Hood and others, and has worked hard to promote the development of Chinese local techno with his music.

Next Saturday 14 August 2021 from 3pm-5pm MYT (GMT+8). Tune in on Ohrwurm’s Mixcloud:

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