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Micasa Sucasa E15 this week features Alam, LZZY & RIMKA aka Brown Rice & J-Sun

Micasa Sucasa E15 this week features Alam, LZZY & RIMKA aka Brown Rice & J-Sun

Happening this weekend. Ohrwurm's Micasa Sucasa head into their 3rd last Micasa Sucasa Livestream this year. The brainchild of Ohrwurm's Alam, the home live stream began in January this year, following his 2020 live stream series - Alam Presents 20 Years of Djing, all streamed live from Mixcloud Live.

Micasa Sucasa has run 14 streams so far this year, featuring a host of local Djs/artistes as well as regional streams featuring artistes from Indonesia, Thailand, China, Hong Kong and Singapore, and they've got another hot lineup this Saturday 2 pm with edition E15 featuring host and Ohrwurm's Alam, going b2b Djing with LZZY & RIMKA aka duo Brown Rice, with J-Sun on warm up duties.



Brown Rice is the combination of two of the most talented DJs you can find in the city, RIMKA and LZZY. In addition to individual presence over the past decade, they've been playing together now for the past half-decade, developing a style that flows from house to techno to disco, happy high energy music as they describe.

Warming up for them this Saturday will be J-Sun (Daydream).

Tune in this week Saturday 23rd October 2021 from 2 pm-8 pm

After this weekend, watch out for November and December to watch and listen to more from Micasa Sucasa as they wind up this year.

Meanwhile, on the music front, following the release of Ohrwurm's debut compilation, 11 Years of Ohrwurm, comes the latest offering from Tele Vizion. Tele Vizion consists of Azim Fathi and Fardin Ameri, both hail from Tehran, and at one point were based in Kuala Lumpur. This EP brings us 3 original tracks with lush deep dreamy minimal vibes Poppy Garden, Solitude and Content. You can purchase them from

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