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Ohrwurm's Micasa Sucasa Live stream to feature SaturdaySelects

Ohrwurm's Micasa Sucasa Live stream to feature SaturdaySelects

Happening this weekend. Ohrwurm's Micasa Sucasa enter the second last episode of their live streams for the year. This Saturday 13 November 2021 will officially see the final party from their usual livestream home somewhere in the heart of KL, before moving into a special finale episode for the year in December.



What not to celebrate it than to feature one of the finest in KL’s house music scene with SaturdaySelects. This creative agency specialising in music has been upfront in keeping the scene moving all these years.

Hang out online with them this Saturday afternoon, with Ohrwurm and SaturdaySelects featuring Alam b2b Roshan b2b Injoo Wie, while SaturdaySelects’ new resident Gasing will supply the warm-up.

Tune in this Saturday 13 November 2021 from 2pm-8pm on Ohrwurm’s Mixcloud Live 

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