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Micasa Sucasa returns with Taiwanese regional guest Vertigo

Micasa Sucasa returns with Taiwanese regional guest Vertigo

Micasa Sucasa is back with their first regional guest for Season 2! Live on Mixcloud.

Ohrwurm presents Micasa Sucasa with Episode 03 featuring Vertigo (REBOOT TAIPEI, TWN) with warm up by Jason Voon this Saturday 16 April 2022 from 3pm-5pm (GMT+8 MY Local Time) Live on Mixcloud 

DJ Vertigo is a Taiwanese DJ and Producer and part of the duo Anke with Jerry Aseret. He is also the director of Reboot Taipei, one of the most prolific event portals in the Taiwanese capital.

Vertigo's outstanding DJ career, with 30 years of experience and performances has made him one of Taiwan's most important indicators and promoters of electronic music. He has been invited to serve as the resident DJ of Taiwan's top nightclubs for the last 30 years such as Texound, Kiss, @ live, 2F, Luxy and many more.



Additionally, he has performed in many key electronic music venues across Asia and Europe in places such as Belgium, Luxembourg, Tokyo, Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, and Shenzhen. These experiences of performing on the same stage with many top 100 DJs have enhanced his creativity and have inspired his unique style and his reputation.

Vertigo, whose playing style revolves around House and Techno, has outstanding music appreciation and skills on the turntables. He is good at absorbing the essence of various types of music and interpreting it with his own style.

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