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Also Ken: Expect to see a steady stream of releases over the coming months

Also Ken: Expect to see a steady stream of releases over the coming months

Just as half the world is heading into the depths of winter, Malaysian-based record label My Connected's Also Ken provides some warmth under the guise of summary, crimson vibes with his new release, Summer Haze.

The fledgeling electronica imprint's upcoming 4th offering sees floaty, nostalgia-inducing piano melodies coupled with tech-edged electronic riffs to give a contrasting, yet balanced mix of energies. The track boasts producer Also Ken's trademark big bass and chunky beat formula that has seen a rise in his stock over the last year. Joining in on this outing is a massive Remix from Liverpool producer's Truth Be Told.

Recently launched ‘MY Connected Records’ is a Malaysian (MY) based imprint and brainchild of the Kuala Lumpur based collective ‘Connected, who have risen to notoriety in the region over the last five years with their brand of events and live shows.



MY Connected have taken the next step in this journey by creating an international platform to share their vision of house and techno music. Expect to hear a wide range of unique and exciting dance-floor focused material. Ranging from grooving, bass-heavy house to energetic, dance floor igniting, melodic techno with a splash of wider variety in the form of the occasional Left-field number and at the other end of the scale, dark and moody driving techno.



The label's first release “Invisible Trap’ (by Belgian producers Tweaken) was a massive success, hugely gaining airtime all over the globe. Also Ken’s ‘Another World’ quickly followed, further pushing the label's agenda of high-quality dance-floor music. Then came Malaysian producer Nazarud's “Larut”, with its elegant entanglement of middle eastern themed percussion giving the track a certain cultural overtone.

Speaking recently to label co-founder Also Ken about how the fledgeling imprint is shaping up since it started just this last June.

Connected has been a local brand in terms of a DJ collective (albeit foreign, local DJ’s) for five years now, throwing parties in what was ‘Privi’ and playing on the local house and techno circuit,” Also Ken says. The collective also includes Rob G, Anthony J, Geddess and Niall F.

The idea of developing into a record label came about well about a year ago now, with the idea to expand on our mission statement of ‘sharing local talent globally, and global talent locally’. The first release was a while in the making and finally came with Tweakens EP ‘ Invisible Trap’ which came out in June 2020.


What were your objectives when you started? Why did you start it?

We wanted to deepen our contribution to the art form (house/techno music) that we love by sharing original material with the world. We were also keen to give more of the producers in the city access to a platform to share their music and showcase the growing talent here in Malaysia. There is only one House & Techno label currently (active, that I know of) so I thought we in KL could do with another.

What's next for the label? With CMCO still in progress, what plans from now on for you? What can we expect from you coming up for the rest of the year?

Lots of releases planned, number 4 and 5 are ready and waiting with further projects near to completion. So expect to see a steady stream of releases over the coming months. Tweaken has come own board as head of AR in Europe and has got some really exciting things brewing over there in terms of artists. The long-term plan will be to create a ‘full circle’ music brand both here and in Asia and showcase talent through live shows and original music.



How have you been coping during this time this year? How have you been keeping busy through all this?

I think the only positive that has come out of this, for me personally and us as a label, is that there has been a really unique opportunity to totally submerse (ourselves) into the creative process. Luckily, as a music producer, you have access to your passion at home, so as long as you can maintain the creative juices life under MCO/RMCO/CMCO has a massive silver lining. To be honest, without the lockdown, the label would have a been another six months in the making.

How do you feel about how the CMCO is progressing and affecting the music industry in Malaysia as a whole?

Let’s just say that I’m disappointed in the way the entire world seems to have turned its back of performance arts and art in general. It seems to be the only industry not allowed to return, and no one seems to care to the livelihoods it's destroying. If they feel they must keep clubs shut for public safety fine, however, support those that are forced out of an income for the protection of others.

Summer Haze’ is available to pre-order now exclusively on Beatport Here. With a Beatport exclusive release on 8/1/2020 and General Release 22/1/2020. Check them out on Spotify as well.

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